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Hey @Martinmcc, I don’t work for Monzo but they’ve set out their ethical approach here: :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Peter_G

Great help!! :grin:


Hello all :smiley: Thought I’d join the introduction band wagon. I’m Shane from Scotland. Team Leader at a Supermarket and run my own Website/Forum with a few thousand members.


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What’s your website/forum about, if you don’t mind me asking?


It’s about running macOS on a PCs with AMD CPUs :smiley:

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What’s Up! I’m ben and im a fraud analyst at a high street bank, and me and my entire team went #coral a while back!

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My account has been confirmed on my iPad. But I guess I only get to see the sort code and account number once my card arrives and I activate it ? Eg. I can’t log in via my macbook and check things out in that way…?

(Kolok) #901

I’m not sure what you can see before your card arrives but there is only a limited service via a browser you can login here ,

But I assume you can’t see anything like your sortcode and account number until your card arrives.

(Martin ) #902

@Kevin43 that’s the way it was for me as well. as soon as you activate the card, you can do a whole load more, and you get access to your account number and sort code.

(Kevin) #903

Hi K

Many thanks for this. That link does look to be really very useful, especially if one does not have one’s iPhone/iPad to hand.

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Thanks Peter…all sorted and looking forward to receiving my card

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excellent. thx for yr comments.

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Welcome @benmikesmith , @Kevin43 :wave:

Hope you both enjoy the community here at Monzo! :mondo:

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Thankyou Paulw and kolok…approaching the problem afresh I found the solution. My mistake was following Apple´s instructions to set up the card which involved scanning it and then referring me to Monzo via a phone number (as mentioned in my original message). Then when I went to the Monzo app it kept saying the card was already in the wallet. Having repeated this a dozen times (removing the card from the wallet each time) I then tried to set up the card STARTING with the Monzo app. Then it was a piece of cake and went through in seconds. So the conclusion is, if you want to set up Apple Pay do NOT follow the Apple (iPhone) instructions but go into the app and do it from there. Thanks to all,

(Simon Clayton) #908

thanks kolok…have found the solution as per my reply just now to paulw.
appreciate you taking the time to reply

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Hi Simon. Glad it’s all sorted out now. Enjoy Monzo!


Hello…people…wave wave

I’m LeAnna. :slight_smile: New Monzo fledgeling here, flapping beginner wings. Lol!!! Joined the Monzo movement a few days ago. Nice to meet all of you fellow Monzonians, Monzoese? I don’t know!!! Lol!!! Hello to everyone!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I am a violin screechifier, (aka musician, LOL!!!) and I also make crafts, because, well…I like it. :slight_smile:

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It’s monzonauts I believe, some back me up?


That’s just the name for Monzo staff

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I thought so, too!