Introduce yourself 👋

(Jack) #874

Welcome! I hope you enjoy your studies! :slightly_smiling_face:


I work for a monzo rival and I’m very impressed with how quick and easy it was to set up an account and get a card. I enjoy astronomy, physics, reading about both and walking

(Antonio) #876

Hi there,
I’m Antonio and I’m new in the community.
I’m really happy that I found you :slight_smile:

Hopefully I can help to improve this amazing board.

Bye Bye and have a lovely day

(Simon Clayton) #877

Hi there Richard, I have just decided to join the community having had a Monzo card for about 6 months. I am probably one of Monzo´s older fans at the age of 64 but after a lifetime of total frustration with high street banks I am loving using my pink card (I did think the colour a bit way-out-there at first but it gets so many interested comments from vendors that it now makes me feel rather good when I flash it!).

I am not particularly computer-literate so it is kudos to Monzo that I have had really no trouble getting it all up and running and discovering new possibilities as and when the situation arises.

I love:

-The instant confirmation of a transaction - even when buying a sandwich in places such as Vienna or the countryside of Brazil - both of which I have done recently.

-The exchange rate you charge is the interbank rate whereas in my experience most other cards charge a tourist rate which leaves you 3 or 4% out of pocket. PLUS the other cards charge an additional percentage for being out of country. PLUS the other cards charge 3 or 4% for cash machines abroad whereas you give an allowance of, I think, 200 quidlets.

-The sense of transparency and belonging you cultivate through your forum. Way different from the majority of banks

-The ease of making bank transfers and payments to mates who also on Monzo (a growing number)

-The ability to see what I am spending every month on travel and on food as separate items. A great budgeting tool

To finish, I have a question and, if you answer it, it will prove you are looking out for the newcomers to the community ! It regards Apple Pay and I cannot find the answer in the forums.

I have included Monzo in my Apple wallet and it say verification required and gives the Monzo number. I call the number and get a message saying that number is only for other issues. I then tap ‘select a different verification option’ and it comes back to calling the Monzo phone number as the only option. I tried to repeat the set up process but keep getting ‘the card is already in your wallet’. So I am going round in circles.

please point me in the right direction

kind regards and keep up the good work

(Kolok) #878

Welcome to the forum @simonclayton
I believe to activate it you have to message monzo using the in app chat , go to the help tab and click chat to a real human.
It may take some time for a reply if it isn’t urgent.

(Paul) #879

Hello Simon, welcome to the forum. Have you checked if the card is working already? Try and buy something. Otherwise I believe you can activate the card by text message as well. This sends a code to your phone which you then enter to activate. Try looking in Settings>Wallet & Apple Pay>Monzo which may give you more options other than calling them. Hope that helps. You can always contact Monzo using in-app chat if you’re stuck. All the best.

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(Roy Hillis) #880

Size and scale of major UK banks are so vast they can’t manoeuvre quick enough. Some fantastic capability there though using big data, machone learning and data science due to them sitting on so much of the stuff. It’s the implementation of it that is the challenge.

The danger for monzo becomes the behemoths starting new offshoot fintechs with the financial backing of the larger bank. It allows them to start again with a large amount of capital, with all the data from the mother bank.

At the moment, monzo is the most nimble I have seen and their model for customers is great. Make no mistake though, the big guys won’t go down easy!

(Muntasir Ahmed) #881

Hii there, I have been a monzo user for 2 months now, and I just love it! It helps me a lot with my budget planning and everything!


I just opened an account. I’d like to know if I can deposit US$ cheques from an American bank into my Monzo account. They are in my name and the total is about $3300. If so, what’s the procedure?

(Jack) #883

Unfortunately foreign Cheques can’t be deposited yet.


In that case, the account won’t work for me. I need to close it now. How do I do that. I’ve no need for it.



(Andy) #885

Email or use in app chat.

(Gareth Pick ) #886

Hi Guys, I’m new to Monzo. Keen to see how this is going to work, particularly with a joint account with my wife, which is my primary requirement with the account.
I live in S. Wales, and work in the Digital Identity space, specifically in Government and Financial Services.


Welcome @GarethP!

Can you tell us more about what digital identity is? :thinking:


Hey @Garethp nice to meet you !

(Gareth Pick ) #889

Hi Peter, Digital Identity (in my world) is about organisations understanding more about their customers, (or citizens in Government) i.e What they do online, What services they use, what they buy, when, from where etc. Making a customer journey frictionless is critical for organisations to maintain market share and add value to their customers that interact with them online whether through Desktops, smart devices, or if its an IOT connected “thing” All needs to be done with Privacy and Consent at the top of the agenda. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


I am Dipak . Just joined Monzo .
What is the next step for opening my account?


Hey @DipakG. Welcome!

How far through are you? Have you downloaded the app and uploaded the cringe worthy selfie video?

(Martin ) #892

Hi there Monzo community!! Brand new to Monzo, so I’m hoping for some good things. I joined Monzo because I heard reports around your ethical standards and you being a highly ethical bank. This is massively important to me. I hope this doesn’t change, I like the idea that you think about investments. Is there a place online where you share your investments?
It’s time the high street banks feel the effects of their bad investments and that the people take back control.


Hey @Martinmcc, I don’t work for Monzo but they’ve set out their ethical approach here: :slight_smile: