Introduce yourself 👋

Welcome aboard the rocket!

Once you’re up and running if you ever need anything drop me a DM :blush:

(Obviously tho if you’re an engineer or someone really clever I may not be able to help, but I will do my best :joy:)


Mat (1 t not two haha!) and work in music marketing but now starting a family franchise with books, cartoon, toys etc :slight_smile:


Hi Mat! :wave:

Welcome to the community!

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Welcome :wave:

Is the aim to have a giant toy store in New York like in Home Alone (and real life too) :grin:

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Haha! Nice - here’s our design so far!

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Hello everyone! My name is Paal. I’m a marketing student currently doing a research project about Monzo :smile: I was hoping to find some participants for my questionnaire on this forum. What part of the community forum would be the place to post something like that?

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Hi Paal & welcome :wave:

Is the questionnaire online? If it is, post a link on here and see what interest you receive.

Alternatively, I could create a new topic on your behalf? (Your forum ‘trust level’ may not allow you to create your own just yet)

Edit: Name corrected following a typical phone auto-correct issue


Thank you!

Yes it is. I’ll post the link her. Would be excellent if you could make a thread on my behalf!

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You’re welcome - please post the information and link in this topic:

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Hello everyone,

Long time Monzo user and first time here in the community! Keen to learn about finance, especially topics related to FIRE movement.

Love anything tech, design and productivity.


Hello my name is daniel, i first knew about monzo because of a roommate whom worked with monzo and he help me to join. i have worked as a chef for a few years, i am interested in learning and discussing about banking, technology and what might other topic that will catch my curiosity. My hobbies include walk around parks in london, find memes in the internet and cooking.
Nice to meet you everyone :wave:


Hello to both Katie and Daniel :wave:

Welcome to the community

Katie, what is the FIRE movement?

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It’s “Financial Independence, Retire Early” where you start a lifestyle that aims to gain you financial freedom and ability to retire early (usually at 55yo but can definitely be sooner. I found out about it from a subreddit r/FIREUK and is mentioned a lot on other finance subs


I’m mark a general surgery registrar cane recently to the uk … i have a question please How can i reach my account info before receiving the card I’m stick at card activation in the app


Hi Mark & welcome :wave:

You have to wait for your card to arrive & activate it to be able to start using the app unfortunately.
It used to be different (add the ‘digital card’ to Apple/Google Pay and use the app before receiving the physical card), but somewhere in recent history this changed. Probably for security/regulatory reasons.


Any chance having a collections colleague come on and do AMA - or if one could PM me - I’ve many questions before coming onboard with Monzo in Feb :sweat_smile::sunglasses:


What is one of them??

Are you joining :mondo: Carl? Well done if so

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Congrats @Carlo1460 :tada: This sounds like the start of a very exciting journey!

(I’m not onboarding with :monzo: but I still have many questions too)

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I’m currently going through referencing but I’m anxious as I’m coming from a legacy bank :sweat_smile:

Most anxious about working constant lates and job security so was hoping someone could put me at ease.

I’d be joining financial difficulties - collections, helping customers who may either be, or due to be, struggling with their products such as overdraft loan or flex :sunglasses:

Very similar to my current role as SME for recoveries and collections at LBG.

Edit: the job security aspect comes from Glassdoor reviews (probably should just remain open minded :sweat_smile:) and then constant lates was also mentioned but that may be mostly COps, as I believe recoveries are I recall from interview 8-6 or similar.


Hopefully someone will join in and answer all our Q&A :yum:

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