Introduce yourself 👋

Hi all! I’m Callum and I’m really into technology, PC gaming (I’m a BIG Fall Guys lover!) and I really do like my sci-fi films. I’ve been a Monzo user for less than a year after moving from Nationwide but god was it worth it! I’m actually starting to work for Monzo very soon and absolutely can’t waittt! So yeah, that’s me, helloooo everyoneeee!


Hi Callum & welcome :wave:

Congrats on the :monzo: job :tada: - We can’t wait for the insider news :wink:


Welcome aboard the rocket!

Once you’re up and running if you ever need anything drop me a DM :blush:

(Obviously tho if you’re an engineer or someone really clever I may not be able to help, but I will do my best :joy:)