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Hello all,

  I have been a Monzo user for a while but I have just completed the switch over to full Monzo and thought I should get involved more in the community. I work in healthcare and play football as a hobby as well as organise the matches, I love monzo as I put the leftover change after the pitch booking into a pot which means every few weeks I can sort a pitch for free with the savings.



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You speak in code, are you a bot? :laughing:

Only joking! Welcome :wave:

Thanks, I’ve no idea how I managed to make my comment do that?

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Snuck some of these in :wink:


I’m Chris from UK
Do I ask a question here.

@creeps60 Try here?

You must have a big house to store all those shoes!

I have a lower card limit :grin:

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Hi all, I am Oliver. I have been an advertising professional until 2017, now I’ve moved to the UK and working as a trainer at a financial call centre. I have been quite a huge fan of Monzo since I was introduced to it. Although I still bank with Barfley’s (no typo), I am looking for every reason to try out Monzo as my primary bank. But I am still looking diligently for the balls to just switch my bank as I am quite chicken when it comes to finances. I am here to see what ideas are flying around here at Monzo, maybe also add in a few of mine along the way.


Hi Oliver & welcome :wave:

Think of Monzo as a bank on steroids. Instant notifications, data-rich transaction details, no additional oversea charges (when using card or Apple/Google Pay), Gambling block, card freezing, pots (very nice!), Get-paid-early, Salary Sorter, and so on…

I trialled Monzo in 2017 when it didn’t have all the features available but experienced the direction it was moving and switched to Monzo as my/our primary bank as soon as Joint Accounts launched. Never looked back. Make the switch - you won’t regret it :+1:

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Hi I’m Karen… I live in Cambridge and travel regularly to visit my son in Sri Lanka.
Does Monzo work successfully when withdrawing cash from an ATM over there?
I’d like to find a way of getting cash out of my account with no charges of course!
I understand you can withdraw up to a maximum of £200 a month but want to know if it is always successful from atms.
Thanks and help on this gratefully received!

Hi Karen & welcome :wave:

This topic may be useful;

Hi! I am a new user to Monzo and have recently joined the community, I hope to be active on here!

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Welcome @KarenM !

Welcome! What brought you to the Monzo Community? Want to tell us a bit about you and where you’re from? :pray:


It’s like Cilla Black is here…


Just wait to see who you’ve been paired up with in Monzo Community Blind Dating!


Sure! I am from United Kingdom in Bristol, I recently got Monzo as a new bank as my brother told me all about it and referred me to Monzo. And I found out about Monzo community through a support ticket I made and have been here since! I joined the community yesterday and having a great time so far. I was hoping to apply for a job at Monzo if I am lucky :joy::grin:

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What’s your dream job at Monzo?

(I’ll stop asking questions in a bit before Graham has to pop in with a quick reminder)


probably only you are me are old enough to get that reference :joy: