Intro to Core Experience 🎉



Do. Not.

You can’t just leave that there after I mention cheque imaging! :laughing:

Which reminds me, @AlanDoe where’s the @jackcully reaction we’ve been promised?


Hey everyone :wave:

I’m Ben, I’m a COps Product Partner for the Core Experience team.

Really looking forward to seeing what you all want us to be working on :grin: and ultimately helping make sure our COps are best set-up to support these features


Hi everyone!

I’m Georgia, a shiny new Monzonaut! :rocket:

I am on week 4 as a Product Marketing Manager, in the very exciting Core Experience squad (and absolutely loving it!!).

I wanted to repeat Giorgio & Nurlan and thank you all for continuously sharing your thoughts on Monzo, it is an amazing source of feedback and something I have spent a lot of time reading through as I get up to speed with the product and features :muscle:


Hey :wave:

I’m Maddy, I’m part of the Special Projects team working on our Core Experiences.

My role in the squad is to combine our data, research and community insights :wink:. I use all of that to make sure we’re spending our time working on the most impactful features to our customers.

Very very excited about what’s to come :star_struck:


Feels a useful time to revisit the Sparking Joy topics:. :eyes:


Hey everyone :wave:t5:

I’m the Product Designer on the Core Experience team.

Talk to me about anything experience related—here to listen to all you have to say (I mean it)! :grin:


Lots of new monks! Welcome all!

I know it’s not technically part of the app, but it’s been around for ages and lost its mojo when Apple Pay was taken away. Is the glorious return of Apple Pay back on the cards now? if not, pls can it be? has never been the same without it.


Hey all, iOS engineer on the new Core Experience squad here :wave:

This list is fantastic, and incredibly timely as striving for parity on both platforms is a source of much discussion. Personally, I think the sweet spot is striving for a base level of consistency but leaning into a platform/technology where it adds a clear customer-value.

We’re very mindful of the perception it gives if we (for example) polish one experience more on one platform that on t’other. However, I would add that it’s rarely a decision to focus more on one platform, but that we will sometimes accept the accelerators that a platform can offer.

I would expect some more discussion around this in the coming months.

(I realise that the list is made up of some more trivial inconsistencies, and let’s face it, these are just bugs! And we will hopefully be tackling some of these too. :sweat_smile: )


Hey everyone! I intro’d myself a few months ago when we talked about our company Hackathon last year, and I’ve been blown away by the high quality of engagement this community brings. We are super lucky to have your input and feedback.

I am the Engineering Manager of Core Experience, and I am super excited to work on this area with my team over the year :heart:


Keep 'em coming!

It’s definitely an extension of the app :100: I’m going to take this suggestion away and find out more :eyes:


Hi everyone! :wave: I am a User Researcher in the Core Experience team at Monzo.

I love talking to customers and spend a large part of my role doing so, trying to understand what’s working well and not so well for you so we can focus on the most impactful work.

Very much looking forward to what is to come and thank you for all your feedback!


There’s more of you than us! Welcome to all!


Core Experience heard about the community awards for the team with the most community engagement, and they’ve come out strong. Welcome all!


Hi @giorgio & welcome :wave:
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Crikey, I don’t think I’ve welcomed or re-welcomed so many posts in a new’ish thread ever - great to see so many core (:eyes:) :monzo: peeps jumping in.
Looking forward to the engagement!

(cough, Joint accounts, cough)


Can we switch savings pots providers to new rates with the click of a button please?

Also the biggie, transfer between pots please and thanks


What are those? Do Monzo even do them? :crazy_face:


It does make you wonder nowadays…

I managed to get one early on (my ‘Welcome to your joint account’ transaction/message is dated 29-September-2018) and since then I’ve seen the Personal account rocket forward with features, meaning a huge parity difference. But, as I’ve said before, despite this - I haven’t yet found another Joint account to rival the Monzo Joint account.

Ultimately, I want a single Monzo account - a Joint Account - which is the same as a Personal account as far as available features go (and not have to have a Personal account at all)


Great to get all those intros. As a user and investor this is a great idea. Continued development matters.


Wonderful to welcome new Monzo staff to the forum :wave: These posts are really great and spark joy. I’d love to see the Payments tab get the love it needs. There’s been loads of discussion on what that could look like over the years. Can’t wait to see how the core experience develops :tada: