Sparking Joy: Small Fixes that would bring the Monzo Magic 🧙 🪄

So regular viewers will know that I’m on a mission for Monzo to spark joy in its users.

Now, Monzo already does in so many ways, but I thought it might be good (especially as @emmag and @leepethers are looking at app evolution) to discuss potential small tweaks to the app that could really bring in a bit extra Monzo Magic.

I’ll go first: I have connected accounts - I’d love to be able to send money to them natively using Monzo. Monzo knows the sort code and account number but I still have to set up a transfer manually. I’d love to be able to do this with one tap.

What small tweaks would spark joy for you?


Add some confirmation screens so that one accidental touch of the screen + a scan of Face ID doesn’t cancel direct debits or send people money :roll_eyes:

Edit: I’m not sure it would spark joy as such, but it would stop sparking the opposite of joy.


App parity :eyes: I’m sure I’ve been saying this for years now :joy: both should have the same features regardless of platform it’s being used on


So much this. A feature being a few weeks early on Android or iOS is fine, but for features to exist for months or years on one that don’t on the other is inexcusable


It does this already in other parts of the app in terms of getting money from those account’s, no? So like a reverse of that? I would have also wanted this.

Also I completely agree with the app parity - there’s little excuse to not have that really unless something utilises architecture only available on that device.

On that, the use of Apple Maps for iOS would’ve been a really nice touch, I much prefer them and I think those apps that do use this (Starling?) look nicer as a result IMHO.


I think we might need to do a deep dive into the app parity issues. :eyes:

We have the wiki…

… but it feels like we might be to poll to work out where we want Monzo to start.

And is the wiki even up to date?

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Who knows :joy: I’ve given up trying to work out what’s iOS only and what’s Android only.


I’d love to pay my credit card in a similar fashion, just need to store the relevant sort code, account number and reference needed to send money to…

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I’d also like to be able to view transactions on connected accounts that I have closed… My trends view is incomplete for accounts that I have switched / closed. :worried:

My understanding is that the need for constantly renewing account access was to be removed so hopefully this is in the pipeline…


Me too!

Other aggregators have been keeping closed account transactions for years so I’m not quite sure what the limitation with Monzo is…


Two that are about the right small size

#1) Every time I transfer money between my personal account and my joint account it seems to always pick the wrong one as the source. Far more often than could be accounted for by chance one feels! And nowadays there are options to select from a drop down for both that only complicate my sorting that out

#2) In at least the Android app entering # into the search used to find any transactions with a tag. It does not now plus searching for #name also finds name in text, not just the tag of name


A web based or tablet version of Monzo App would spark joy for me!


Virtual card from a pot being on the sheet export.


Plus/Premium payment from Bills pot


Having logo suggestions/name suggestions actually fixed when you submit them.


That’s had a huge improvement recently.


That’s only for the open banking accounts transactions you request though isn’t it? Not monzo ones?

So here are a few more thoughts from me:

  • Overall the apps pretty good though could do with a UI refresh (but that’s, literally, another topic).

  • Plus/Premium: these haven’t seen much seismic change since launch. Be it better offers, cashback, higher interest rates something for me really needs to change here. The current version didn’t spark joy for me to stay as is.

  • App Parity: as above there is really no excuse in my books.

  • Multi-device support: Having the ability to use it on both and iPhone and another device leading to….

  • iPad: imagine what trends and the UI could be on a larger device. It’s crazy to me that this has never happened. So much potential here.

  • Better in house saving and easy access rates. I think the ones currently are hardly great.

  • Metal card without having to have premium. I mean come on, it’s a lovely card and worth the cost just to buy and use in my books.

I’ll probably think of more, but these are the ones immediately coming to mind.


Not just iPad. Web. Simples. How this isn’t yet implemented is just :exploding_head:


Bugfixes will not spark joy but go unnoticed when fixed.

To spark joy, one should add seasonal effects in the app. Like sprinkle snowflakes in December, autumn leaves in september, pumpkins in November.

If you would decorate a physical bank branch for it. One should decorate the app.