International customers?

My brother’s girlfriend is visiting from Brazil in February & I want to give her my golden ticket so she can have ‘an account’ / money to spend over here easily (she visits regularly).
Is this ok? Or does the fact she’s doesn’t live in the UK an issue?

needs to be living in the uk

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Try it and see? You might need a proof of address though so maybe get her to buy something to have an invoice on hand with an address and then use that. :+1:t2:

Apart from any eligibility issues it’s worth noting that Monzo is not ‘an account’ but a proper UK current bank account. Maybe your brother’s girlfriend doesn’t want/need such a product is she only visits occasionally.


However, it is free, and can be used like a prepaid card, so why not have it?

At the most basic level, how does someone living abroad and earning money in a foreign currency add funds to their current account ? Monzo doesn’t have international payments, so using the account is clearly going to be a hassle. It’s free, but I don’t see how this product makes sense for someone who isn’t resident here.

It also is not available to anyone who is not resident here, despite certain users encouraging others to lie about their residency.


Topping up via debit card?

Wouldn’t you need a UK debit card to do this? And normally the card used to add funds needs to be in your name; you can’t just scan anyone’s card without triggering alarm bells.

Not sure as I’ve never used the card feature.

Any card from the following countries would work: Changes to debit card top ups

And personally I’ve topped up many times with cards registered to a different name - I think the name thing would be down to the card’s issuer rather than Monzo, so in my case I had to go through 3D-Secure which probably overrides the name mismatch and still let the transaction through. :+1:t2:

Also Transferwise can be used to fund the account via Faster Payments.

who cares if it works? you have to be living in the UK to have an account. simple.


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