Do I need to have a UK Bank account to topup Monzo?

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I’m currently in the UK and applied for the Monzo card. Anyway, I don’t have a UK bank account and I will be traveling back to my country Sri Lanka in a couple of days.

Can I use any of my Sri Lankan bank accounts to top up the Monzo card when I’m traveling to any other countries. If not let me know any other recommended ways to top up the card.


Monzo provides a UK bank account. You can fund your account in a number of ways (depositing cheques via the post, cash via PayPoint, UK bank transfers, …), but at the moment, the method that you’re interested in (receiving international bank transfers) isn’t properly supported. There’s more here:

It sounds like you’re looking for something a bit different to what Monzo offers – probably a travel card of some sort, like the Transferwise Borderless account (


I don’t think Transferwise supports LKR to GBP.

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At the moment having a UK account is the easiest way to add money.
Foreign bank transfers direct to monzo are in the works, but not totally reliable.

Your post didn’t make it clear if you are a U.K. resident which I believe you’re required to be if you sign up to monzo? Can anyone clarify it is a big fluffy imo


No, Monzo don’t provide IBAN for international wire transfers, even sepa wire transfer are available. But if you have a TransferWise account it will be easier to transfer to Monzo or any other wallet that provides local transfers in pounds

Yes they support it

Ah right. I must have misread it. I’m sure when I looked they did GBP - LKR but not LKR - GBP.

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