Top up with foreign bank cards

Hi! I was just wondering if I am able to top up my monzo card with an Australia bank card?? Or if it will charge me? :slight_smile:

I’m going to say that even if this somehow works, it would be unsupported at best.

Since the transaction would be in GBP, you will be charged whatever rate your AUD card sets for non-AUD transactions. You would be better off using a service such as TransferWise to move and convert the money to a UK card in GBP and using that to top up.

This is all likely to change after current accounts launch in 2017 and Monzo gets hooked up to the international banking networks. Then you could theoretically transfer directly in to your Monzo account.

Basically, I wouldn’t recommend it!

Also agree, your own bank are likely to charge hefty fees for the pleasure of topping up in a “foreign currency”

I’ve used my CommBank Debit Mastercard (credit card topping up won’t work of course), just to see if it would work (it did).

If you really want to test it, just do a GBP10 top-up

Just successfully topped up with a European Mæstro card

I have used this from Swiss UBS Debit card and works fine.
but the rate isn’t as good as simply withdrawing cash with a maestro in the UK.:slight_smile:

A top up from my Sabadell debit card failed.
I would find it very convenuent on occasions irrespective of charges.
Life is like that sometimes!