Cash upload

Can you upload cash from anywhere in the world on the card?**

Upload cash?

Do you mean transfer funds from a bank outside of the UK into Monzo?


yes, I believe it’s not perfect though.

awesome thank you very much

You can read more about it here:

soo how to generate that IBAN code. where do you go to do that

wow ok like 60%

did my research got my IBAN CODE.

It’s highly unreliable though - it is not recommended you try because whatever fees you pay to transfer the money won’t be refunded, you’re also subject to charges by the banks in the middle routing the payments.

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As @TTJJ mentions and as @Ordog’s link states:

I transferred from a KBC Ireland Euro account to Monzo in September and it was fine but it is done at your own risk right now.

I’d recommend transferring a very small amount to see if it works. If it does then you should be fine for that particular sending bank.

Personally my girlfriend sometimes pays me from her Austrian account (for things like holidays, get your minds out of the gutter). Sending the payment direct to Monzo fails so she sends the money to my TransferWise account (Handelsbank DE) and I then send that on to my Monzo IBAN which does work and only attracts a 0.63 EUR fee.

Hey Allesandra!

Yes, some of our customers can receive payments from outside the UK, but because we’re not connected to any international payment systems we can’t guarantee a transfer will work.

This is something we’re working on behind the scenes, but for now we’d recommend you use TransferWise to send and receive international payments.

TransferWise gives you currency-specific account details for receiving international payments which you can then convert to pounds (£) and send to your Monzo account. Check out their website for more information :money_with_wings: