Incorrect ATM Locations & Crowdsourcing ATM Locations

(Ben Jackson) #1

When I use my card at a cashpoint and then go on the app, it’s shows I have used my card in a totally different area


it will depend on the terminal.

I get transactions in a shop in Witham appear as being at their head branch in Chelmsford. I have also had Boots refunds (but not purchases) come thru with a head office address

(Alex Sherwood) #3

Here’s some more detail on that & what to do to correct the wrong information -

the option to report incorrect merchant details isn’t yet built into the Android app (it’s on the roadmap so for now, you can message support instead & they’ll fix it.

(tom) #4

ATMs are particularly bad, I’m afraid - they’re often not configured with the correct location. We will be spending significant time next year fixing up the location (and other) data for merchants & ATMs. Please bear with us!

[Android/iOS] ATM location error
(Saveen) #5

Are there any plans to crowdsource ATM data? Or provide information based on usage? ie. how popular a teller machine is.

I appreciate that cash usage will decline but I feel that we are a long way off from ATM data not being a useful thing. Particularly as ATM cash withdrawal volumes are increasing globally (except North America).

(Alex Sherwood) #6

I guess this is already happening automatically, Monzo know’s each time you withdraw cash from an ATM & user’s can correct the merchant (ATM) location if it’s wrong. All we need now is a map & a search tool in the app so that we can find them…

Since the location data’s so unreliable, perhaps there does need to be an option for users to confirm that the location’s correct as well as the option to update the location for ATM’s though? Then Monzo could choose to only display ATMs once the location’s been verified.

@saveen I expect that’s :arrow_up: probably what you meant :blush:

(Saveen) #7

Yes, my thoughts arose from the fact that currently almost all ATM related apps suck!


only if on iOS but not on Android

(Alex Sherwood) #9

Good point :blush: user’s can report incorrect info on Android by messaging support & this feature’s on the roadmap & due :soon:

(Muyiwa Olu) #10

This may sound ridiculously stupid, but why not just use the location of the user’s smartphone at the point of the withdrawal transaction instead of relying on the ATM location?

(Rika Raybould) #12

A few technical reasons but there is no guarantee that your phone is in the same place that the card is being used, especially if your card has been stolen (and hopefully frozen) or somehow cloned.

In the long term, it’s probably better to keep reporting inaccurate data where possible and build up Monzo’s correction dataset.


I will often go out with just my wallet (e.g. when my phone is on charge) so in that case my phone would just show my home address

(Muyiwa Olu) #14

Fair point, I guess I was thinking very narrowly with my case (I always go with my phone!) :slight_smile:


I would like to have my phone all day long but it can’t cope with my heavy use and the battery goes flat in under half a day and won’t last from 08:00-02:00 like I do :slight_smile: you can recharge it if static in an office but walking around and travelling on bus and train it is not possible

(Alex Sherwood) #16

Kel has just shared another use case which would make the functionality to crowdsource ATM locations & access them through the app, even more useful (if users could also record which ATM’s charge fees).

(Saveen) #17

Would love to see this happen :heart_eyes:. One of my first posts (16/12/2015) included crowdsourcing ATM data.


(Alex Sherwood) #18

And (just to keep everything linked together) you also requested it here -

this was Hugo’s response -


I have used my card a couple of times on both occasions the map location is wrong.

I also changed my pin at an ATM while I live in Ireland which showed that the ATM was in central England

Is there anything I can do to fix this

(Alex Sherwood) #20

Yes there is :slight_smile:

If you’re an iOS user, you can correct the location in the app, if you’re an Android user, message the support team to let them know the correct address. When the location’s fixed, it’s updated for all users, there’s more details earlier in this topic :raised_hands:


Thank you very much can you tell me how I correct it on the app :confused: