Firstly, kudos :clap: to everyone at team Mondo :mondo:. Your mission is truly admirable. :rocket::sparkles:

I’ve been thinking about differentiators and would be interested to get your thoughts :thought_balloon: on:

1) Crowdsourcing as a layer :sheep::sheep::sheep:
I believe there’s potential to take crowdsourcing in multiple directions, hence the term ‘layer’. Starting with simple things like updating business details, as you’re already doing in Alpha, and maybe a crowdsourced :atm: locator (built on top of an existing DB). As more and more people start using their Mondo cards at ATMs you will gain insights into which are the most popular. (Geolocated) Usage could trigger a feedback request like Foursquare. Do you have any fixed plans for rewards / gamification?

2) Third party :family: integrations / automation :arrows_counterclockwise:

  • Zapier - export data to accounting software.
  • IFTTT - trigger an alert message based on certain transactions / balance criteria etc.


  • A proprietary Mondo ‘apps & services marketplace’?
  • IoT?

3) Accessories / Wearables :sunglasses: :bikini:

While ‘the great’ Apple Pay :green_apple::dollar: is impressive, it does currently have a little too much friction for my liking - requires battery charge :battery:, technical glitches etc. :tired_face:

QZ.com - Barely anyone used Apple Pay on Black Friday

I’m still out on this one :neutral_face:, but what are your thoughts on low cost, battery free, contactless devices alongside the Mondo card? Particularly, a wristband like Barclays’ bPay band, but one that doesn’t suck. :lips:

Some inspiration for a bit of DIY hacking: :hammer:

(I once dreamt of turning my oyster card into a contactless über-cufflink but found that it breached TfL’s T&Cs!) :oncoming_police_car:


Oh gee, I forgot…

4) Emojis
Paleolithic storytelling returns for the 21st century!

Hey @saveen, those are awesome thank you! Truly wonderful emoji use too :wink: Hopefully I can give a few answers:

1) We totally agree :slight_smile: The current iteration of feedback on merchant details is very basic and we have lots of ideas around how to make this better. As you say, we would love to let you personalise your feed and make it look how you want and then be able to bring the wisdom of everyone together to get super-accurate merchant names, logos, locations etc. It’s something we’re going to look at in more detail in January to work out the best way to go about it :sheep: In terms of gamification, we don’t have any fixed plans - we’re really keen to find the right balance and avoid ruining your Mondo account with gimmicks, but would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can make it interesting and useful to you!

2) Partly done! At the last hackathon, @tom set up basic Zapier integration with Mondo which let him send tweets like this. Hopefully at the next one in January, we can expand on that and get it into Zapier/IFTTT officially so you can set something up without any technical knowledge. The hackathons are the place to be for awesome IoT stuff too, normally courtesy of @simon :smile:

3) The key bit here is “one that doesn’t suck”! Realistically this isn’t something we’re going to do ourselves but we’d love to integrate with as many different devices as we possibly can through the API :slight_smile: Come build it!

4) The unofficial Mondo motto is “you can never have too many emoji” :wink:

Thank you for all of these thoughts - they’re really great! :clap: Would love to hear any more ideas you (or others) have and thoughts on the above