Incorrect location fixing

(Nicholas Carter) #1

Hey folks!

So I’ve got a few transactions where the address for the location/address is wrong, or where the location is widely off.

Couple of examples -

  1. ATM in my town (Rugby) Has the address of Lutterworth
  2. All my transactions for Disneyland Paris (yes, be jealous :raised_hands::european_castle:) and RATP (French TFL) - All the locations are just in random places in France - I’m assuming this is where the businesses are registered.

The issue itself isn’t the locations per say, crowdsourcing locations, this is going to happen - however the issue is when in the app and reporting the location as wrong, using the feature there you can’t manually suggest an edit, just choose from pre-existing locations. Ontop of that, the ATM example, I have no idea what the address should be - I just know it’s wrong :confused:

Unless I’m missing something, the location stuff needs a little tweaking :slight_smile:

Food for thought!

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Hey Nicholas. Unfortunately if the merchant’s got the configuration of their terminal wrong then it can send the wrong location to Monzo, this is where the data originates from, the crowdsourcing only comes into play if a user reports incorrect information.

When you select the option to improve the name or location, in the app, you have the option to look up the merchant in Apple Maps or enter the address manually.

The ATM is usually part of a building / in a petrol station’s forecourt etc. in which case, it’s the locations of those buildings that you’d need to use, is that not possible in this instance?