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I’m not going to go into personal detail but I’ve had to use the in app chat a few times recently, anybody else feel it’s just a bit… Crap? Especially coming from working in a bank, feeling like you sometimes know a bit more than the person getting paid quite a bit is pretty scary.

One very loose example. I get paid every Friday, every Thursday at 9AM I can see what I will be paid on Friday and what the amount will be. Recently I had no incoming payments showing. But did have a payslip online

I literally got told “The payments that show for the next day are based on the past months,weeks nformation, there’s obviously a bug in the app. Sorry about that” -didn’t even explain further into whether I likely would be getting paid or not.

What? That’s litteraly incorrect, what are you on about :sweat_smile:

I had to come back a second time a few times later. And it was instantly “escalated” again without telling me if I am getting paid or not. Now it’s been escalated the COop is gone and unreachable, no question as to whether I needed help with anything else or not. (Didn’t even give me a time frame)

Pretty shocking. I’ve never been this close to missing my legacy bank. And this is in the span of one morning

It needs sorting imo, and fast

My last few interactions have been a bit rubbish, too. The most recent one was answered quite quickly, but they didn’t read the question properly, so they gave an inaccurate and incomplete reply.

The time before that they took over 12 hours to answer, and, again, didn’t bother to read the question properly.

All in all, it left me feeling a little underwhelmed.

This has happened to me quite a few times recently also.

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I always find the quality of the answer depends on the detail you give in the first instance.

Explaining what you’ve tried, what you expect and what exactly your question is means the level of support I have received has improved vastly.

That’s not really necessarily a good thing.

At the very least you should be asked to explain in greater detail…

Plus the feature I mentioned isn’t exactly complicated, I would hope that everybody in Monzo knows how it works and what it does…

I’m sure that’s true. My last interaction was about an online transaction, the reply said that there must have been a problem with the card reader. :man_shrugging:

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Possibly. No doubt there are some bad instances, some of which were outlined in the other topic (which this one should really be merged into) but I’m just going off my personal experience and the stats that Monzo gave. It does shock me that people start their chats with “Hi, I need help” or “I’ve not been paid” and then get frustrated that it is taking too long or isn’t good enough.

I guess I’m overly defensive from working in a customer service role in the past too. These guys are doing their best to help you, they’re not deliberately being hard work or making you wait unnecessarily so it’s a bit harsh to be claiming this.

Where did you get the idea that this was how I started my conversation :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

When did I claim that?

If you read my post again I actually mentioned that I used to work for a bank. And I’ve worked in customer service my whole life, so be overly defensive all you want. Hopefully they will sort the lack of knowledge (that they used to have) by the time you need help

My main gripe is with the point above. It seems they answer alot of questions without actually looking at the account first. If they had seen the transaction they would have known it was an online transaction. Why answer the question before you have looked? To move on to the next chat that you are under pressure to answer within a certain time I guess!

I also raised my issue at 09:10 as to the problem with my pay from employer. It’s now 15:38 and I still have absolutely no idea whether I am getting paid tomorrow or not


It was worse than that. I gave the name of the merchant. It could only have been an online transaction. But yes, reading the question and looking at the account details would have ensured a better reply.

To give them the benefit of the doubt, I’m sure they’re under pressure to reduce wait times.

To remove the benefit of the doubt, I searched the forum for the agent’s name. I found it.

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Slightly off-topic but in the past month or two next days incoming/outgoing payments haven’t shown up for me until later in the day (of the day before). I thought I’d messed up my calendar and some utility bills weren’t going to go out until a few days later but they did eventually pop up in the feed.


Appreciate that mate thank you

My reply wasn’t to you specifically but it’s hard to respond when you keep editing your comments! :see_no_evil:

This sounds like another case of temps and agency staff being let loose on the queue while understaffed COps answer more difficult questions?

If you’ve really worked in customer service for a long time you will know that despite all your years of knowledge, expertise, intelligence and empathy that helps you deliver the best service in the world, there is guaranteed to be an absolute noob in the room who doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing but is working on exactly the same queue as you and giving much worse service.

(Unless you work for First Direct, where they probably beat you with a stick and turf you out of the office if you are that person).

I’d probably keep replying and hope for one of the real staff to answer properly.


On another thread @HughWells said they haven’t processed the BACS files yet, if that helps.


I’m curious as to where this thread has gone in focal point; is it speed of response or quality of response?

I know, I know: it’s both.

There’s a fair few angles you can come at with Help Desking (for lack of a better term). I’ve seen it enough in my time working in Legal IT as a user of, part of launching a new provider and acting as a service desk analyst! (To the point the help desk (outsourced) was so bad my team acted as our own service desk :joy:.)

Perhaps at it’s core we just want to know where our issue is at, has it been triaged? Is someone looking at it? No I don’t want automated responses but a brief “hey I’m just looking into this for you I’ll update you shortly”

I’d like to think we are reasonable enough if someone explains where it’s at and if any, why there may be delays. Fun fact did you know that people expect a response between 0-4hrs? :grimacing:

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That doesn’t suprise me about the help desk at all :sweat_smile:

And yes it’s both. I think it’s summed up by the fact that I’ve been told 7 hours after my issue was raised that Bacs payments haven’t been processed yet, by somebody on the community forum that has seen it in a thread somewhere else earlier in the day…

Not by the COop I asked 7 hours ago…

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I think this is a little unfair.

We’d only had a few reports about the BACS issue this morning. It wasn’t until the afternoon that we’d had enough reports to be able to make a diagnosis, and communicate a message out to all COps (which at this point, is over 400 people).

At the point at which you spoke to us, all we could do was raise the issue, wait to see the impact, triage all the issues and then figure out what was happening. Engineers have been investigating since 2pm.


Simon this isn’t unfair at all.

Within the app as far as I am still aware, this is an isolated issue and they are still investigating it. The time I got told it was being escaled was 14:31. Why haven’t i been updated? That’s unfair.

And I’m being serious. 14:31… but you say that the coop I was talking to was aware that engineers were investigating since 2?

So he should have known that… It just backs up my issues with the in-app support tbh

That isn’t what I said. I said they began investigating at 2.
That’s not the same thing as getting the word out to all of our COps.

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Ok, but it’s still 16:17 and I still don’t know this yet. The last I was told was that somebody would be in touch with me soon. At 14:31

Also this is an isolated incident, I can pull up more examples if you wish - but I definitely do think changes need to be made within the app support process. Answering questions quickly to move on to the next question just so it gets answered is not always the best option. And clearly that’s happening lately, when I worked in the bank… the FIRST thing you did was loaded the customers profile, sometimes you knew the answer to their question before they had even asked