Early Payday Disappeared

Hi guys, saw my early payday in gray this morning, logged in at 6pm to get it and my early payday has disappeared. This is the first time happening to me.

Anyone had this experience? Is there a fix?

Might tie into the goings on over on this thread

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Not quite the same thing. My payday is tommorow and I always get the greyed out funds at 4:30pm the day before. I saw the funds this morning and now they have disappeared @N26throwaway

Ah okay. Perhaps something worth raising directly with monzo using in app chat. Could be anything from a bug to something going wrong with the incoming transfer.

I claimed mine early today just after 4

Try delete and reinstall maybe?

Was trying to see if anyone had experienced it here and managed to solve it is the inapp chat is a 4hr wait. @N26throwaway Thanks for responding :hugs:


At least your pay is still waiting to be credited tomorrow, would be even more worrying if that had done a runner an all

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Deleted and reinstalled on iOS no joy. Logged in on Android no joy… Ah well payday rolls onto tomorrow then :grimacing: @Rat_au_van

it could be your work reclaimed the money as they can do that before 4pm the day before you get your wages

Surely the grey pending transaction would vanish if that were the case?

It sounded like that’s what happened to OP to me. Did your money go in today as expected @bajbaje?

No something is really wrong. will contact Monzo @N26throwaway

Nope received payslip which confirms my pay @shizzle

Sounds like your employer reclaimed the money before it arrived at Monzo. I hope you get it sorted!

Will speak to my HR today. Thanks @N26throwaway


@N26throwaway you were right seems HR made a mistake with my pay and corrected it today! Thanks for the advice :grinning:


Glad it was all sorted for you in the end!

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I got paid early on Friday with no problem at all

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I think this is a good lesson for anyone using Early Pay - Don’t (and I’m not saying the OP was btw) be reliant on having to have the money on that day


I was not reliant on the money as my bills are days in advance of the date but I like to have it early none the less. I was simply trying to ascertain whether it was a bug or problem on my employers side. But I get what your saying :hugs: @JIMMWX