Receiving Salary in Current Account

As the current accounts been out for a few weeks I wanted to know if anyone has had their salary deposited into their Monzo CA and whether it shows the balance on the lock screen/notification centre.

Even though I know most salaries are paid during the night i’m still wary of having the exact figure just there as a notification like all other payments into your account.


I get paid on Tuesday (funny local government paydays…), so I’ll post an update of when it happens!


Not yet, I’m slowly moving my Direct Debits across and only when they’re set up and done will I move the salary across.

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I’m hoping to later this month. Our payroll provider didn’t recognise Monzo but I believe I’ve been manually added.

As I work opposite the payroll team in finance I’m not worried, even if it fails I can just get them to do a faster payment instead :grin:


Brilliant - will be keen to know!

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Obviously on iOS you can switch off notifications to appear on the lock screen should you not suddenly want a salary payment with amount appearing on your phone screen which other people might then see if you phone is left anywhere visible. But then that would turn off all notifications for withdrawals too…

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One year later and still waiting :eyes: :joy:

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Mine is paid in now :slight_smile: The amount coming in is currently like a normal payment but we’ve definitely got some ideas around how not to accidentally tell all your friends how much you earn. @hugo can probably say more about it though


Awesome - looking forward to seeing what this looks like @hugo!

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Yeah, we don’t have too much to show right now but we’re fully aware that the receiving your salary is a completely different payment from anything else. We’ll let you customise the notification and we’ll treat it differently within your Targets, etc.

For now it’s just one more payment though… one step at a time :slight_smile:


Just had finance transfer mine over they reported no problems :slight_smile:


My companies employee portal doesn’t recognise Monzo Bank because “they’re not a real bank out of trial period” :roll_eyes:.


It’s not a perfect solution but iOS 11 allows you to hide previews of notifications while phone is locked.
The moment you put your thumb on TouchID (without pressing the button to unlock), normal notifications appear again. Only downside is that there is no granularity, it either works for all notifications or for none.

PS: If I recall correctly, recent versions of Android work in a similar way.


Switched mine over from next month (missed the cut off for this month as payment was sent Tuesday and I got the card Tuesday!!)

At first they were like nah, never seen this sort code before, are you sure you got it right. Then they said finance team will check it as it’s a new bank, and then come back and said it’s done :+1:t2:

I’m assuming things will get easier as the current account grows.


It is in fact more granular - you can choose per application to obey the show preview option or not. You can choose from always show, never show and follow the global default.


For those that have things to hide I guess there can be a feature where any payment over a certain amount (>100£?) no longer displays the amount in the notification itself.


Can we have this image displayed when salaries are paid into the CA :joy:



I’ve asked my employer to change from my old bank to Monzo, fingers crossed they recognize the sort code. Guess I’ll find out at the end of the month.

Unfortunately I’ve had unrelated payroll issues already so not too confident…

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Salary paid in with no issues, and a day early!


I kid you not we’ve thought about that kind of thing. My favourite idea was to have different “ca-ching” sounds so if multiple people have Monzo in the same office they all get different sounds that play together in harmony, like a “golf applause” kind of thing. We’ll never build it, but it’d be sooo awesome :slight_smile: