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@simonb please update company procedures so that any incline of an incident is sent to before the team have had time to conclude their investigations.

Problem solved, where is my promotion? :smiley:

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Ordog that’s not what I’m saying. @HughWells has been on the forum to say BACS payments have not been processed, Simon has confirmed engineers are working on it.

Surely the people who had reached directly to the Coops should be the first to know that information…

If you disagree with that, then I can’t even

I’m about to hop into a meeting for the next half hour, but just to be clear, this particular incident is only affecting the feature of seeing upcoming credits before they land, and we haven’t had any evidence to suggest that people won’t actually get paid on time.

This has now been communicated to all COps and all existing chats that reported this particular issue will be gone through and updated shortly.


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I only deleted my post because you’re understandably frustrated and therefore not thinking rationally. Plus Simon has now replied again explaining what happened so there is no point me continuing :slight_smile:

No need to start getting personal (which is probably why your post was flagged) but it’s good to see you’ve removed that part now.

Telling you that you remind me of myself is not personal at all… I quite like myself, somebody has got to.

And again dude, you’re missing the point. I used today as an example. The whole COop job role lately seems to need big changes. They are paying 19k a year to answer really basic questions or just raise the issue to somebody else. I know if I was a COop I’d feel underwhelmed about the lack of things I can get involved in

I’m also not frustrated, I’ve got my answer now I’m quite happy. Just a bit of a joke that its taken me here to get an answer…

(Still haven’t been updated in app)

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I’d be interested to see when that happens :+1:

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Same here, especially now the payment is actually showing

Same. Hopefully he can then tell them to their face how they’re being paid too much to just answer basic questions :grimacing:

Haha. I wonder if the flagging crew will report you for being too personal :sweat_smile:

Wasn’t me that made such a sweeping generalisation :wink:

What was the generalisation I made? Oh, no I’ve seen it on the forum lots of times. Like Simon confirmed earlier, they didn’t even look at my problem when it was just me that reported it :sweat_smile: but they didn’t tell me to call my employer either did they…

They have now updated. Same person who said they would escalate the conversation to somebody else. Obviously didn’t then, and I would suppose Simon has just told them all to reply :sweat_smile:

(Part joking, obviously)

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We had already logged a list of everyone that had reported this problem, so it was just a case of waiting for the engineers to be confident with what was happening, getting the correct message out to COps, and then going back through the list to update everyone :grinning:

Regarding your original post, I am a little concerned about the incorrect information given there, that’s obviously not acceptable if that’s what was said. If you’d like to DM me with your email address, I can take a look into the conversation and see what went wrong. I could also escalate some notes to that person’s manager so they can put that into the feedback and development tracker for whomever it was that you spoke to. That is totally up to you.

With regards to the point in your original post about escalations though, there’s been a bit of confusion about this recently, as to how and why something gets escalated and what happens then, but if your original query was escalated before the knowledge of the incident had been spread out to COps, then I’d surmise that the COp actually did the right thing by escalating it - the appropriate place to escalate this to, would be a payments specialist. The payments specialists have a deeper level of access and knowledge to investigate anything payments related (much like any other specialist). So, if it wasn’t yet known that this was an incident and was affecting multiple/all customers, then the correct procedure there would be for a payments specialist to investigate. They do work from their own queue, and it’s not always possible to give a specific timeframe for that.

Does that make sense? We have generalists and specialists within the COps structure, and although sometimes things get escalated that shouldn’t, that’s part of the learning and development process. In this particular incident, it sounds to me like an escalation was the appropriate course of action if that happened before the information had been shared about what was happening.


Cards are on the table now :joy:


Haha. First - if I wanted to make a direct complaint I would have done in the app.

Second, As I’ve mentioned on multiple occasions within this thread this is not an issue with one COop in particular. It’s turned into a thread about the Bacs payment problem today, but wasn’t supposed to target that directly.

Third, momma didn’t raise a grass

4th, (and most importantly) reading back through the conversation, there seems to be sone confusion. I think they were talking about my recurring card payments that are “expected” today

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Just used the chat again,

Needed something “urgent” last night, litteraly needed it resolved by 7 am as my girlfriend needs to get a train

They replied at 06:40, about 7 hours after I first messaged

Luckily I had managed to fix it myself… Good job really

I’ve just asked help and I think current waiting time is 7 hours it told me.

I had a non urgent chat the other day about 8pm.

App said that it’d be an hour for a reply but I had one in minutes. But then it needed to be escalated to a specialist. I presumed it would be a morning thing, which was okay.

Someone else pops ok just after 9am asking a bunch of questions - and tells me they need to escalate to a specialist. “But I thought you were the specialist!”, I said.

The (presumably) specialist turns up at 2230 and fixes stuff. Thanks specialist!

The next morning someone else pops up to say they’re taking over… They just ask if I need any more help. I say no.

And I presume the chat still isn’t closed as I haven’t been asked for feedback.

Overall experience: better result (in terms of content) than I’d get with other banks. But the process still feels a bit long and disjointed.


I asked support for a jumbo jet, 50 dominos pizzas and 10,000 blue M&Ms.

It took them 6 hours! Support is terrible :-1: :laughing:


I recently had one last 3 days across 6 members of the support team. It was a bit like support roulette. However, when I got to the right person it was fixed in seconds.

Really frustrating but it was a technical issue with the app, so I can’t really blame the first line for not knowing.

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