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Does anybody ever receive a response using the human chat. I submitted a request to update some details on Monday and no one has responded yet.

You should definitely have received a response by now.

Try emailing with your issue, they should be able to help!

Thanks, i’ll give it a go as ive pinged them 3 times to no avail. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure emailing will help, it all goes in the the same queue as far as I’m aware. Unfortunately waiting times are very long at the moment

3 days is really taking the preverbial :triumph: People will never adopt Monzo as their primary account if you cannot obtain the most basic assistance.

Is it something we could help with in the meantime?

Just thinking - there’s a number on the back of the card you could try?

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They’ve acknowledged it’s a major issue and are hiring rapidly to try and get it back to the way it used to be but it’s just taking a while to get everyone trained (which isn’t much help while you’re waiting for an answer)

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I requested help about midday on Sunday and they got back to me about 48 hours later - midday Tuesday

I just need my email updating and although the app seems to allow you to do this, it keeps bouncing me back to square one.

Ill try giving them a bell tomorrow. I was hoping the in app request would have been a quick win. Anyhow, thanks for everyones insight. :+1:

Monzo recommend the quickest way to get support is via the app or email. That’s where they base most of their staff.

If you’d made an urgent query make sure you tick the urgent toggle when starting the chat. Otherwise it may be a bit of a wait, but they will get to you :slight_smile:

That is what I had been led to believe, hence the human/robo chat request. Until they shape themselves this can only ever be a secondary account. I will definately tick the On Pain Of Death button next time :grinning:

Monzo don’t use robots. They are all real humans answering your queries :slight_smile:

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Yeah, but their one guy seems to be on a permanent lunch break :thinking:


I reckon there’s a hundred of them at the moment - the issue is there’s over a million customers!

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Really sorry about this, @Lothark :pensive:

We are working really hard to hire amazing new COps and train them up. By the end of the year we’ll have increased the COps team by over 100 people compared to where it is now.

I realise that doesn’t help you now, but if you need to get in touch again in the future we hope it’ll be a much quicker experience.


Sounds like poor planning unfortunately. Someone should take the reigns and focus on the customer experience. Maybe they will get 2 million customers.

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You shouldn’t call them or tick the urgent box because you want your email changed… unless you’ve lost access to this email and you think there’s a chance of your Monzo account being compromised.

I do however, agree that they should be aiming to answer urgent messages within an hour and non urgent with a day and tbh that’s how it used to be but they seem to be swarmed with new users recently and they are struggling to keep up.


I beilive urgent queries are within 10 mins. Non urgent unsure. I feel a day is reasonable though.

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Also worth bearing in mind there was a short outage today which would have caused a spike in urgent chats.

No need to be snide.