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Even better then!

Ill hang fire for now. I would have appreciated an automated responder providing an sla on info requests. P1, P2 priority expected ETR. Just a thought. Its the lack of any response thst winds people up

1 day yes, 3 days no.

You’ll be pleased to know an estimated wait time is coming to the new Monzo chat experience soon :slight_smile:

Along with other improvements…

That is good to know. Small acorns…

If you’re interested there’s more info about the response times in this thread > Slow support responses

Cheers, this is my first time here so i was struggling to locate the thread/Topic. Ill take a gander. Thank you all for your help :grinning:


An email mod should be a non urgent request. I do however believe that a bank trying to promote online access should provide ticket / chat priority options for different queries. I was in no rush on Monday but was peed off by Wednesday. I have now come to appreciate that this is still a work in progress. I have been more than happy with the responses by all/Monzo tonight


I am also having issue with online chat. A couple of months ago I always received a response within the hour, whether urgent or not. Now coming up on two days and no response for my latest issue. Doesn’t fill me with confidence.