Chat to a human

Have contacted in app chat over 4 hrs ago. How long should it take please?

It varies to be honest. Generally I find it between 4 and 6 hours - max 8.

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I believe Monzo are having longer than normal wait times at the moment :frowning:


They definitely are. Took 3 days for them to respond to me. In that time I had tweeted them (DM) and had the problem resolved in no time at all.

Twitter is much faster

I really need to sort something out today and I’m not on Twitter so how can I get to talk with someone?

When you started the in-app chat did you mark it as urgent? The urgent queries get addressed first I understand.

No, I missed that.
If I start another chat as ‘urgent’ I presume the clock starts again?

I think so, but you’ll be in a higher priority queue. Other options are email or phone, but in-app urgent chat is probably your best bet.

Every time I’ve marked my conversation as urgent, I’ve had the first reply in less than 15 mins.

You could call them on 08008021281.

The do have a phone number that listed somewhere in the app. Never tried that though.

someone has kindly left it on here for you

Check the back of your card

Always handy to remember will redirect you right to the page with contact details - email and phone number for UK and international calls. (It redirects to an FAQ page now, but it’s an easy address to remember if you’re in a panic after losing your card).

Worth bearing in mind right now…

Urgent queue gets prioritised, so if it is truly urgent, then use it, that’s why it’s there :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m afraid non urgent query wait times are still a bit longer than we’d like them to be at the moment, but we’ve outlined a plan to bring them back down through a combination of well-paid overtime shifts and bringing squad captains and specialists back on the frontline in the short term combined with much more hiring (I mentioned before that we’ve already had 30 more COps join in the last 6 weeks and there’s still more rounds of hiring and training happening too.)


Just out of interest … my one off high payment is on Saturday, so if there is a problem, would the telephone number supplied still be available to me on Saturday?

We would need some notice if it’s for a payment increase @DazF, you can definitely mark your query as urgent and we’ll pick it up as soon as we can.

We’re so sorry about the wait, but as Simon said we’ve got a plan on getting this sorted.

I have spoken to someone via telephone support and they are dealing with it.
If there were to be a problem with my payment on Saturday could I still use phone support on Saturday?

Phone support is available 24/7 just as our in-app chat is :slight_smile: