In-app chat

Having today used the in-app chat I’ve found that it does not automatically scroll to the last message, you have to manually scroll to the bottom. Why is this?

The customer service however was 5 star.

Unfortunately, the in-app chat is currently supplied by a third-party called Intercom, and it’s pretty clunky. This is yet another item in a list of annoyances. Here’s the things I’ve had problems with (click the :arrow_down_small: to see the list):

The good news is that we should see an improved tool at some point next year.

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I never knew this, always thought monzo built everything in their app themselves.

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I’d love Monzo to implement Apple Business Chat :pray:t2:

No it is not…if you want to see poor in-app chat at a Bank look at the Starling one :wink: I am a supporter of Starling (so this is not just the usual anti-Starling tripe we see on here) but it hands down is one of the worst implementations ever (particularly with time outs). Monzo and Monese have far better in-app chat (not sure if it is the same).


I didn’t say there aren’t worse examples of in-app chat out there. But that doesn’t make Intercom good. :wink: Have a look at the issues I listed in the other thread.

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Suggestion - is there a case for an emergency chat “button” ? :thinking:. A rare 999, jump-the-queue chat, NOT because a user hasn’t much time :roll_eyes:, but, say, they can see their account being used, or made a massive payment error.

The first thing it asks when you open a chat is “is your question urgent?” and I have never needed to click Yes. I would assume a huge majority of people click No unless an emergency.

Is this not the feature you are suggesting? How would you propose they make it better?

To add to this if someone is else is using your account freeze your card ASAP! Then you will have time to speak to in app chat if required or just order a new card.

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Thanks - yup, i understood that :slightly_smiling_face:, that’s why I was posing it quite weakly. Just a thought (following a large payment I made to a new payee - but I usually send a tenner first). Probably there are no scenarios to warrant an emergency chat.

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feedback is good though :slight_smile: - i could see the problem of a 999 call becoming the standard “i want an answer now” go to option rather than a true emergency number , in which case it becomes another queued message feed - obviously people have different views of what constitutes an emergency

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Maybe a feature that’d be good is if you freeze your card a prompt comes up saying “do you need to chat with us urgently?” If you choose yes, at Monzo’s end it will flag as urgent.


I actually though that as Monzo expands and demands increase. How long will it be until “Is it urgent?” become the default response because people tend to think everything is urgent these days.


Thats a great Idea Brian if you’ve lost your card in the house or on the street just freeze it and apply for another card , if you have notifications of spend it freezes your end and urgently notifies Monzo of fraudulent use :+1: @daniel ??

Is there a way to access chat history from a desktop or at least forward the chat transcript to email?

I’ve got a lengthy chain with the support today and need to use quite specific info/details form it. But cannot seem to find a way to access it from my PC. copying in-app does not seem to work either…

Unfortunately not. Whilst Intercom (the support chat system) is apparently not the worst system available, it’s atill pretty irritating. You can see the list of annoyances in the second post on this thread – one of them is the lack of being able to copy!!

I get my in app chat sent to my email. Can’t remember setting anything up, it just happens :thinking:


Oh, yes, that’s true I forgot about that. Though I can never figure out when it sends to email. Sometimes only some of the chat messages go to my email. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: