Chat History

Finding it hard to find previous conversations as the last thing showing for many is ‘Rate your conversation’. Not sure what can done about this though.


I think the ability to nickname chats would sort this issue.

The ability to pin chats to the top of the chat history would also be useful.

Thanks for pointing that out.

We are slowly moving away from intercom so hopefully we can address this for you!


Thanks @BethS as usual you’re already on it :+1:

I can’t seem to find any way of accessing chat history on iOS unless I click on the notification of an incoming reply. If I miss the notification I cannot seem to find the chat anywhere within the app. What am I missing?

On the help tab scroll to the very bottom to the chat history. Click on that and you’ll find all your previous chats

There isn’t an option on my help tab for chat history :frowning:


I wonder if you’ve been pushed to our new Monzo chat @monzo2018 - if you DM me your email I can confirm/deny for you!

Yep I don’t have that option! My help tab looks completely different.


Cool will do thanks :blush:

Can you scroll further down?

Nope that’s the bottom.

Interesting. Have you spoke to support before?

Yep I have spoken to them before. It’s not a big issue right now, but could be annoying in the future. It seems they have a range of different Help tabs that are fed to different people to see which designs/layout/features people respond to best.

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