In-app Chat Improvements

Since Monzo are currently rewriting the live chat system, I thought it would be a good time to suggest some improvements to the live chat system. Here’s some stuff I thought would be good additions:

  • Picture of the transaction appears in the chat when a transaction is reported to customer support - this would help both users and COps identify the transaction in question.

  • Giving nicknames to chats.

  • Pinning chats to top of list.

  • A message in the chat when the chat thread has been ended by a COp - this would help prevent chats being accidental ended by COps before issues are resolved.

What improvements would you like to see to the in-app chat?


The ability to archive or delete old chats and to choose contact preferences. I currently get an android notification, email and in app bubble every time I get a response, it’s like being spammed!

There have been various issues noted with the existing chat system (Intercom) in the past, so would be good to see all of those that still remain addressed (click to see the full threads):

This an others reasons is why I wish they’d support Apple Business Chat.


When the issue I’m asking about has been resolved, I like to say “thank you” — but I’m aware that reading and responding to this is a bit of a waste of COps’ time. It’d be good to have some sort of guidance about how to finish a chat, or possibly even a built-in way to say “thank you, all resolved” that isn’t going to waste anybody’s time.