In app help - A better UX?

This doesn’t really warrant it’s own thread, but I couldn’t find a suitable thread to tag onto!

I pinged a message to CS this morning - I didn’t mark it as urgent, but was still surprised to see no one had got back to me after a few hours.

I logged on to to check the message, and was annoyed to see it wasn’t there.

In case you hadn’t worked out by now… I hadn’t actually sent the message! Doh.

I went to do it again, and noticed why it hadn’t worked before.

When you type your question, and hit “Start Conversation”, it takes you to a screen showing 3 Monzo CS staff who might help, and it feels like you are waiting for a response. It was at this point I exited the app previously.

You actually have to hit “send”, which seems an uncessery extra step after you’ve already hit “start conversation”.

Anyone else get this? Or is it just me.

On the plus side, when I finally did send the question, the support was as good as it could be! :+1:


Just to add to this…

There’s something very unique about a GIF exchange with your bank! They couldn’t solve my problem (PayPal are the issue), but I’m still left feeling fine about it!



I think that’s the reason some people have been hounding Starling for gif support in chats :joy: or at least attachments!


Nothing worse than having a weak gif game.

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I’ve done that at least twice now. Fortunately I remembered what I did the first time and checked on the second occasion so didn’t lose too much time.

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Agreed, I’ll remember for future, but it seems like something easy they could fix.


Could be not so easy. They use Intercom and it seems like it is a third party provider Monzo has no influence over. Correct me if I am wrong

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I don’t know that one - I’d seen they use Intercom, but no idea how much influence they have over it.

It’s not a big deal, I’ll certainly remember in future - But I wonder how many people have made the same mistake, but for them it’s urgent, and has created an even bigger issue.