In-app chat, where is it?

I agree. I forget the help articles are there too. I’d like to see a bit of friction whereby you need to search for help first then if you can’t find what you need do a live chat.


Wasn’t the bot added to make people read help articles first?

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It’s gone for me too.

Interestingly I just started thinking how annoying that would be if you had to do something you know you need to speak to an operator for (like increasing the limit) and not being able to jump into the chat, so I did the customer journey for that and I’m now pretty sure that when I had to do that recently, I did it by using the search bar first anyway.

Having said that, if you had a live ticket ongoing, it would need to have a link so you could jump back into the chat, which presumably it does.

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It’s gone for me too. I tried typing my question, and none of the options were relevant. There was no “something else” button. Eventually followed a link to make a complaint and that had the button on the bottom. Not great UX!

Any update on this? I still can’t see the button…

If the button isn’t there (it isn’t for me either);

  • From the home screen, tap on ‘Help’
  • In the Help Search box, type ‘in-app chat’ and enter
  • A list of possibles, including ‘Contacting support’ should be shown - tap on it
  • The Contacting support details are shown. In the section ‘Chat with us’, tap on ‘chat with us in the app’

Happy chatting!


In the end I typed “complaint” and got in that way :wink: Pleased to report an immediate response and resolution


I think they are testing out hiding the in-app chat button for some number of users. If you found this frustrating and confusing, it might be worth letting them know (in the in-app chat :joy:).


I did - they are feeding back. :+1:


Thanks. This worked for me. Was getting agitated as the icon for ín-app chat was missing. But, this worked. :+1:t6:

I’m facing same problem. Why MONZO doesn’t fix this bug…?

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Because it’s not a bug.

If you need help with something, search the support section and follow the steps detailed within :slight_smile:

But other users have the button. I’m not. Why?

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They’re trying to get more people to use the support section rather than bypassing it and going straight to chat. Some have the button, others don’t - we don’t know what the criteria or split is.

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('A`)Fair enough. I want to take same treatment.

Sorry I don’t understand.

What do you need help with? Perhaps myself or someone on here can assist? (keep it general, no personal details)

It’s just a complaint.
My friend has the button, I’m not.
I asked about the button via mail, but I’ve never gotten the answer from MONZO.
And I had another problem.
So I was confusing.

('A`)Thank you, Ordog.

Oh ok sorry, I thought you were struggling with an issue :slight_smile: At least you now know though so it shouldn’t matter too much that you don’t have the button. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the articles I believe that you can just type ‘contact us’ instead.

Hopefully Monzo will be done with their experiment soon and will decide on a solution that is the same for everyone :+1:


Can’t find the post right now, but I’m sure Rika posted a few days ago saying that everyone will be on the new system eventually, they’re just moving customers over in stages. Which would mean that the split is arbitrary, and that eventually there won’t be one.

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Ahh cool, good news for those who’ve had it removed then :raised_hands: thanks for that! :slight_smile: