The in-app chat feature has disappeared

The in-app chat feature has disappeared from my app. Really annoying. I have scrolled through the help articles etc etc. but there is no option to chat to someone. Getting super frustrated as there is no other way to contact customer services.


Try searching in the help bar for anything ( I searched for “test” ), then under the search bar can you click ‘i can’t find what I’m looking for’ , it should open the chat.

Alternatively you can call the number on the back of your card.

Which phone do you have?

I have an iphone.

I have tried doing that and there isnt “cant find what i’m looking for” that has disppeared.

You can email them or call the number on the back of your card.

Ok, will email.

That’s option will take the longest, good luck sorting it :slight_smile:

If you get chance pop back on here and update us please.

Email can take some time to get a reply, I would try reinstalling the app first to be honest.

Do a fresh install , don’t restore the app from an iCloud backup.

Search ‘contacting support’?

That was a link to contact them in app


In the mean time… Could we help with the original issue you were wanting to contact Monzo about?

Thanks, this worked!