In-app Bank Statements

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In-app bank statements are coming! Within the next few weeks, you’ll be able to create statements from the Spending tab. More info here.

Once you’ve got the feature, take it for a spin. Then let us know what you think.

What do you love? :heart:
What’s not quite working as you’d expect? :-1:

All feedback is good feedback. So don’t hesitate to have your say :speaking_head:


Great to have such easy access to statements! Two improvements I would suggest:

  • Make it clear what kind of transaction something is. At the moment, for instance, ATM withdrawals aren’t labelled as such but just as the place you withdraw from (for instance, it’s difficult to distinguish between buying food at the local shop and withdrawals).

  • Foreign transactions aren’t clearly shown as such, and don’t show the original amount in the native currency and the exchange rate.

I realise these things are available in the much prettier CSV export, but it would still be good to make the statements more readable.

Also, a couple of my iTunes transactions are labelled as ‘pending’ even though by the time the statement was generated, they are settled. Is this a bug? Or how should I be interpreting this label?



My salary just shows a reference number, it doesn’t show the company name as it does in-app. Would be good to show the company name rather than a load of numbers as I only know it’s my salary because its a larger amount.

Also, in-app transfer to contact show “Transfer to PHONE NUMBER” - would it be possible next to it to pull the contact name and put it in brackets and grey maybe?

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Am I correct in assuming that Monzo hasn’t ‘prettified’ the merchant names on the statements deliberately?


That’s a bug I’ve reported, they said it’ll be fixed soon.


I’d like to know if this is deliberate too.

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I can do statements by PDF now, name formatting is not nice :frowning:


Nationwide convert all descriptions to lower case with word caps. It’s far from perfect, but I think it reads better than all caps as in Monzo’s statement; it’s much easier to parse. If we’re not going to get ‘pretty’ names, I vote for lowercase text with word caps.


The intention is to make the statements look ‘pretty’ too at some point (like we just did for direct debits).


Is it just me or are the statements not quite A4? Might just be me though…

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How do I access/see statements?

I think you’re right, they look like US letter size…

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well that needs changing then! A4 size please.


You are correct, they are US Letter size:


A4: 21.0 × 29.7 cm
US Letter: 21.6 × 27.9 cm

I agree this should be changed to generate A4 so we can print without odd margins (and because the proportions of A4 look much nicer! :wink:).


Going to mostly compare to my old bank statement, the differences I’m noticing at least:

  • My Current balance says including pots, but doesn’t
    • It’d be good to see live / pots separately
  • Start of month balance would be nice
  • Page Numbers / Continued footnote?
  • Negatives and Positives seem hard to differentiate
  • Icons in future would look cool
  • Pot Transfer - Which pot?
  • Could Notes be added in?

When I tap the ‘Bank Statement (PDF)’ button I seem to get an error (see image). However, QIF and CSV files are exported as normal. Is anyone else getting this error?

UPDATE: turns out the app just needed an update. It works now!


I wonder if a prospective mortgage lender would be concerned about my ‘Pot Transfer’ habit? :blush:


I have a ‘p2p’ transaction I assume is Monzo to Monzo but then I have a ‘transfer to 07xxxxxx’ transaction that I assume is also Monzo to Monzo.

Is there a reason they appearing two separate ways?

I think the ‘Current Balance’ should state as of which day I had that balance. For example, Current Balance as of 26/01/2018

Also the pending items should be changed but I understand James will be working with the Mastercard Payments team after you have shipped statements to everyone to resolve these :slight_smile:

Statement 01.01.18 - 31.01.18 ???
Seems to be a bug… how you can produce a statement till 31 if today is 29?