In-app Bank Statements

For reference, on iOS, the current balance on the statement also doesn’t include pots (and also says that it does).

Probably the same service produces the statements for both, but thought I’d mention anyway :slight_smile:

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I still just get errors when trying to generate statements.

I have informed COps a few days ago but just wondering if anyone else is having issues


Thanks for all the feedback so far, and please keep it coming :blush:

I’ll be going through it at the end of the week with the team, and we’ll respond with how we’re acting on it.


I only get the option to export from January (1st - 31st) or all of time…I see no option to define a date range? As I get paid on the 22nd of each month that would be useful

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Here’s how to scroll back through the different months -

but there’s no option to define a specific date range, I’d find that useful too :slight_smile:


Thanks Alex. That is useful! Might do until they add a bespoke date range.

I’m getting the same issue.

My wife’s on android and having the same issue too although it’s a yellow banner instead of a red screen… @SeMond

Which version of the app are you running?

Check under Menu (if you have it) > Settings > App version at the bottom

I’m running 9.2.25 #367

I’m running 1.9.25 I had the TestFlight version and have had this issue all weekend too.
Contacted customer support in app chat too and they said they’ll pass it on.
I’m in no rush but hate when things don’t work :wink:

Running version 1.9.25 #366

Trying out statements and all my payments just say: “
Prepaid to current transfer” rather than any detail on who paid what.

Looks good otherwise though :slight_smile:

We’re working on it - COps can do it for now. :slight_smile:


Definitely a good start and useful as it is but just a couple of suggestions and observations.

The footer should be at the bottom of each page of statements that have multiple pages. The footer ended up just below the last bit of text near the top of the second page which looked weird.

Ditch pots from the statement maybe. Pots are great but it would be more beneficial for me to monitor the overall balance in my Monzo account. A toggle to include or exclude from statements maybe, or even a separate section altogether.

Line spacing just looks massive. Some banks squash it all up but alternate the background colour slightly for each line which looks both really neat and easy on the eyes. Saves paper if you print it too.

Automatic exporting would be pretty handy, say to Google Drive but I guess that’s not something a lot of people would want.

The figures are aligned to the left of each column instead of the right.

Page numbers. Helpful if printing at home.

I guess most of the above comes from me comparing my recent Starling statement to the Monzo one. It’s very slick (unlike their Android app).

By the way, I really like that the raw transactions are on there and not simplified like just “Waitrose”. Starling separate into type and transaction but I don’t think this is needed.

Also like the fact pending transactions are highlighted on the Monzo statements so I can see anything that might end up changing, resulting in the reprint of the statement. Maybe there should be a popup warning asking you if you still want to export the statement because some transactions are still pending? Or a popup on the 1st of the month or as soon as all transactions are no longer pending to say your statement is ready?

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I don’t know, not only would I like this, none other than the mighty Hugo is also a fan. Way back in the early days of the Monzo prepaid beta:

And to follow up on another of your points:

I would actually find this very useful. Makes it much easier for me to parse a statement if they type of transaction is clearly labelled in a consistent location.


Export to OneDrive would be cool

I’m not sure if this is the right place to report it, but I just had a play with statements and the Total Deposits total at the top is not correct. There was only one deposit in that month and the statement lists the deposit correctly, but the subtotal is wrong.

Happy to provide more details offlline to staff if helpful. :slight_smile:


Hey Matt, could you please contact the support team via the in-app chat so that they can look into this in more detail?

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Same here actually… well spotted as I would never have noticed that. Will do the same.


Great that we finally have basic statements but please right justify the figures and balances. Left justify dates and descriptions. This is fundamental.
The ability to include details of notes and receipts would be good please. Details of the IBAN should also be included please.
We also need to see currency details, exchange rates etc. for currency transactions please. A single line description is not sufficient so please ensure that the statement includes the option for the richness of data in the feed. OK as a basic iteration but hopefully just that and something for significant improvement quickly.