Monzo Bank Statements, Beautification/Metadata

Monzo’s Statements need improving.
We’ve all discussed the weird and bizarre way money is transferred between pots and accounts when paying direct debits, however overall look needs improving too when it comes to seeing transactions.
Would be great to see more info of the transaction. I’ve seen another bank use icons such as: ))) for contactless payments. Perhaps Monzo could adopt this feature too, such as:
))) Contactless
@ Apple Pay a icon of Apple would be gr8

Also the look of the statements could do with updating such as separate boxes highlighted for separate accounts or each line to be shaded slightly.

Monzo have some great features but when it comes down to design, it can look very basic and appear to be an afterthought.

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I don’t think the bank statements always show notes either. These would be really useful. And transfers to/from pots should show the name of the pot at the time of the transfer.

I’m currently going through a divorce and financial disclose is more complicated because of the Monzo bank statements.

Perhaps an option to have a Monzo statement which excludes all pot transfers as in terms of the Monzo account, the money hasn’t gone anywhere. The statement would be much shorter and just show money going in/out of the overall Monzo account which is what is needed in my case. Transfers to/from pots are irrelevant.


Statements are fact. Adding notes would make it a mess.


Barclays Statements look nice with the icons of the transactions and coloured grids

Guessing that’s not your MBNA credit card number?

I don’t think it is since 377311 is american express… but still probably not a good idea to be putting on a searchable image.

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Lol no…. It’s a photo from Google haha . Was going to apply for Barclays but you have to pay in £800 a month and have 2 direct debits or you have to pay for the account. Too much faffing lol