Statements (iOS)

I’ve noticed a couple of oddities with the statements generated by the app (iOS)…

First, there aren’t any page numbers. This feels like it should be an easy fix.

Second, statements don’t show the reference attached to transactions. This seems like an odd omission. Could they be included?

I dont think they will add the references because they can be edited in the app for example if someone sends you money with the reference “Bills” you can change it to whaterver you want making it a inacurate piece of data thats not really relevant to the statement. Being able to edit references then reprint statements can be abused


I appreciate we can add notes, but we shouldn’t be able to change payment references (e.g. the credit card number associated with a direct debit to a credit card provider). That could cause all sorts of badness.

I guess the problem is that I need my statements to show that I’m not money laundering. Unfortunately, showing my rent payment going out every month with no reference, showing all my bill splits without any references, etc makes life harder because they’re just random sums of money to and from various individuals, all without any explanation.

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But that’s all they are though, in reality a normal person doing normal person things isn’t going to be thought of as a money launderer.

Having a note that says “rent” or “bills” doesn’t mean it wasn’t your monthly payment plan for your hitman.

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But there are transactions that I can’t explain without going back to the app to figure out what they were.

Is there a reason you wouldn’t include references on bank statements?

It seems an odd decision to me, it’s at odds with every other bank I’ve ever used, and it ought to be trivially easy to fix?

Why do you need to explain them?

As they aren’t verified, I don’t see the benefit.

It would be helpful for me, if nothing else

You could take this view about anything that’s written on the statement, surely?

Well no because if you’re paying NatWest £500 a month or Audi £300 or Apple £50, those are clear.

Paying a person £500/300/50 with a self created note means absolutely nothing

I can’t really believe we’re having this argument :roll_eyes:

I honestly thought the inclusion of payment references on statements would be a pretty obvious/basic feature. It’s self evident that reconciling transactions - whatever your motivation - is harder without references.


Me not agreeing that self created notes are essential isn’t arguing with you.