In-App Balances Displaying Incorrectly

I’m not on a VPN, just on mobile network. This doesn’t fill me with confidence.


I am having the same problem, and the app has now stopped working :frowning:

I’m having a similar issue. Getting a “we weren’t able to update your balance” message and this

This really isn’t good :frowning:

Both screenshots iOS - coincidence? Or is the next iOS version being rolled out??

FYI - I’m on iOS but my app is fine.

No !! app doesn’t load at all for me now, monzo screen then it just closes. :thinking:

Working fine for me.

My Balance showed it dollars, so i closed the app completely , and now it will not open :frowning:

Still opening for me but shows $0.

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its back !! and showing in £££ :grinning: NOOO its gone back to $$$ and Zero balance

My showed as £0 briefly, now back to $0.

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its flipping between $0 and my balance in ££ ?? this is well weird.

Spoke too soon. It’s now unable to update.
Maybe they are testing their us version but someone turned on the wrong button.

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And the Beeb were just talking about the outages for UK banks. I have a £ balance showing. iOS. R-

Mine is OK. I haven’t noticed any issues. :man_shrugging:

No incidents reported today.


@Markcgreen1966 might be worth contacting support in the app (now you can get back in).

I’ve just sent a message. So waiting for a reply.

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Working fine here for me … wonder if @Rika or @BethS has any info.

Just got this from them.


A further update.