[iOS] Balance not displayed correctly

My balance after withdrawing £10 yesterday was £0.82. After automatic top up of £400 this morning balance is £396.12

Details to reproduce:
Even after killing app it still shows incorrect balance. Possibly related for me switching between accounts? I also withdrew £10 from other account yesterday.

OSX 12.3.1

iPhone 6S

App Version:


You should probably use in-app chat to contact Monzo about this.
Anyways…what do you mean by automatic top up?

Is there some form of currency exchange occurring here, or did some of it go into pots?

That’s what I’d suggest on “face value” - like has been said maybe the chat can help?

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I will contact Monzo chat, thanks.
It’s probably not automatic pop-up, more like standing order that money comes in every Monday (helps with budgeting).
There is no exchange rate. My suspicion is that it might be an issue with rounding pot.

Go to your round up pot. Click edit, then when in the edit screen, save again. This updates the round up pot.

This is a long standing bug.