Improving visibility of Bank Statements

After launching in-app bank statements recently, and looking at the data over a few weeks, we discovered a problem.

The problem was that we were still getting hundreds of requests for bank statements via customer support chat. This isn’t ideal when the service is available right there in the app! We should not be getting any requests for this through chat, which was the idea behind making it self-serve.

Our awesome team went back to the drawing board to figure out how we could improve and iterate as we are known to do, so here’s a sneak peek of something coming next week to iOS and the following week to Android!

Hopefully this new visibility will drastically reduce the number of requests we get through chat for statements.

Previously the bank statements have lived in the “Spending” section via a small “Export” or “Download” icon. We aren’t moving it out of there - but the amount of data that already lives on that screen made it difficult to improve visibility there. It’s also, for some people, not an obvious place for statements to live.

So we’ve given statements an additional new home on your Profile screen.


Here you’ll note a new bar on your Account Profile, named “Account Statements”.

Click on this and you’ll see this screen:


As you’ll note, you’ll have an entire history of statements by calendar month - as well as the current period starting from the beginning of the present month. From here, as before, you can export the statements as PDF, CSV file or QIF :grinning:

Let us know what you think! :grinning:


the problem was for me I didn’t even know it was available I was used to searching transactions by period and then exporting - thats where I expected to see PDF statement requests I only just found it after Toms Feb news letter saying everybody should now have PDF exports - only because I read the forum


That seems like it will make more sense to more people!


Sorry for the off topic but IBAN is so missing from the first screen.

Otherwise new home for statements looks great!


I think it wasn’t communicated well enough as to where they lived. When opening up the app after an update it should explain to you new features.
I do like the new home though! Works well :grin:


Good iteration, great work!

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Looks great! One suggestion is that it would also potentially be useful to have the ability to download a zip file of all statements, or all statements from a specified year. Would be a lot less tapping for someone needing to download an archive of statements.

Otherwise, this is a convenient and clear way to access statements. :+1:


The :8ball: next to James’ user number’s a nice touch :eyes:




I was looking everywhere for the statement button yesterday

This is far better and more easily defined

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This is clear, simple and sleak … I much prefer this, as it’s not hidden away at all. Also, gives a very nice overview of total in & out per month!

Much better design, great work Monzo team! //@simonb


Agree with this. Most people who ask for statements ask for three months, but would be good to have a thing where you can enter a date range and it’ll build a single document. Maybe also just a “gimme three months” button!


This is a much better than they were. At least you can now pull off month by month.

I still think they are hidden away in the profile menu. They should be clearly on the account screen. Here is my mockup of the location. I know you want to keep this page clean but it does open up the possibility of Pot Statements.

My mockup (it is located under the Monzo card if you havn’t spotted it):

Obviously you could design a better ‘rounder’ logo, that was my 5 minutes in Photoshop.


Much more practical having them there, and in ready made months too. Great little tweak!

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I honestly don’t believe it will actually reduce the amount of requests you get as I still think that is pretty hidden.

I personally have been into that profile tab one or twice I still think it could be more obvious to aid in a call reduction

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This seems much better. However being on the profiles screen still feels odd to me as I see that as user profile as opposed to account profile/settings. And the statements relate to the account. I guess while you only ever offer a single account (of any type) his works. But the second you add another I think it fails.

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The statement history page is a definite upgrade to the current pop up but I’m surprised to see another menu added to the interface; especially a duplicated one buried an extra level (home > account > settings rather than home > spending).

For my money, I’d say that the two problems you currently have are:
a) the download button looks like a decorative icon rather than a button.
b) help is out of date and says to contact chat.

I reckon you could prevent more contacts by making 2 changes which don’t add to the complexity of the app:

a) make the button more obvious:

b) make self-service the first suggestion in help:

We can generate bank statements on request. If this is something that you need, please get in touch via the in-app chat and we’ll send you one as soon as possible.

You can also separately export your transaction data in a CSV file. To do this, go to the top right hand corner in the Spending tab where you will find an export cloud. You can then export your data from all time, or for a given month.

To get your data for any given month just scroll down to the month and tap the ‘download’ button in the top right hand corner.

You can can download a statement for any given month or for all time by going to the spending screen and tapping the download%20icon‘download’ button in the top right hand corner.

Simply tap the month you’d like and choose to export your data into either a PDF statement you can present to other companies, or a CSV file you can import somewhere else. Yes that is an oxford comma :wink:

If you need something more specific, get in touch with us via in-app chat and we’ll generate the bank statement you need and send it out as soon as possible.


Why don’t you also put a notification in people’s feed telling people that statements are now available in app! Like you did with Golden Tickets, Overdrafts etc… Boom problem solved… everyone will know where they are? No more support requests…

Ps. I like the new design as well :slight_smile:

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Thanks all!

Given that we’re about to push this update out, I think we’ll see how the response is and take a look at the data for a few weeks.

If it turns out the problem still isn’t solved, we’ll seek to iterate more and look into some of the suggestions posted in here :grinning:


You get a notification about your spending report/summary being ready for the month. Adding a statement link on this summary would be useful.


All these are symptoms of the transition from prepaid to CA. From small details like the card icon of the account tab, to the confusion with where to put the statements, to the now strange top up functionality. I’m sure things will smooth out in due course.