Having bank statements sent as emails

Monzo deliberately hides bank statements PDF’s deep within the app. It would be useful if an email could be sent each time a new bank statement is available with the PDF attached.

Apparently under data protection having a PDF attached is not allowed. Therefore emails should have a link instead meaning the user would have to authenticate before allowed to download the bank statement.

How often do you need bank statements? Even legacy banks don’t do this :confused:

Don’t you think it would be a bit overkill and a waste of resource?

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Actually Santander do this with me


It would need to be opt in for me. I have no need for statements clogging up my inbox each month. I’ll just generate one when I need it (which is rare) because I have a nice feed that I can search etc.


I haven’t seen a physical bank statement for years, and to be honest, I don’t want to.
I know if i need to access one at any time, I can just go to the online (web or app) version.
First thing I look for with almost any business I deal with is a paperless option.

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Monzo deliberately tries to get you to engage with their app to see your transactions. Each month I receive a notification along the lines of “let’s see how you did this month” which takes you to a page that breaks down your spending by category. A page to which it is difficult to find afterwards. E-mails, on the other hand, cannot be revoked and are simpler to access than accessing the app.

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There is no incentive for them to do this. It’s purely to keep track of your finances and is one of the main USPs about Monzo.

The app was recently overhauled with a complete re-design. Months and months of market research must have determined people don’t require statements to be front and centre of the app.

If they’re important to you, that’s fine. It’s ok to just say this :slight_smile:

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  • Ability to View PDF statements within the app as a preview?

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Using the “statement” section under the “account” tab is a great and easy way to locate statements.

:bulb:The only improvement that would be great to see is the ability to view statement’s within the app as a “pdf” before downloading them to your device to view.:bulb:


It wouldn’t be a physical bank statement, it would be a PDF attached to an electronic email. Allowing customers to choose another paperless option, similar to traditional postal mail if they prefer.


My thoughts too.
As others have said, maybe an opt in, but I for one wouldn’t want them emailed to me.
Let the banks store them in their cloud space lol

We no longer email statements due to data protection, so I’m afraid this something we’re unlikely to do in the future.


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You can on iOS using the Markup option?

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Each time a bank statement is ready an email could be sent with a link where the user could authenticate and then download the bank statement. Surely a system like this would be allowed under data protection. @Dan5




I thought that, too, until I couldn’t.

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