Improving visibility of Bank Statements

(Michael Jenkins) #21

Looks great…I would like to see the months nested so that they could be expanded and collapsed by year.

(Simon B) #22


I have been informed by our awesome design team that some of the suggestions made in this thread have already been designed and are in the process of being built. No ETAs on this stuff, but here’s a couple more things that should be coming within the next few months :slight_smile:

Custom Statements

This will be great, it will allow you to set the start and end date for a statement.

Statement from your monthly summary

Direct debit timings
(Frank) #23

Can I take credit for the second one :heart_eyes: or did someone else mention this :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Direct debit timings

I haven’t got the statement facility nor pulse…

(Jack) #25

Have you updated the app?


I think this idea makes a lot of sense - I hadn’t even known about the Profile screen until I read about it here, disguised as it is behind an unlabelled arrow. Either way though, I’m really pleased to see that you can pull off individual months in QIF form too. Meets my need perfectly.


Yes Jack I have


Nope - that was me too!

(Frank) #29

Struggling to see your suggestion :wink:

Either way it’s good to see suggestions making an impact to the design / development team.


Just had a look at the bank statement
How about including:

Reduce the spacing between lines🙃
Make it appear a little more official rather than a simple print out :face_with_monocle:

(Alex Sherwood) #31

Some interesting ideas, how would you use that extra info?

(Marcel Ruhf) #32

Also, there is no IBAN yet.


That answers the question on IBAN

I want a statement to look like a statement and be a more formal document

When asked to present a bank statement you don’t want to just print out a plain spread sheet

Let’s have a bit more of that MONZO intuition ( by that brilliant team)


I’m a bit confused - the statement I downloaded looks like a statement to me?


How many statement have you used then?

I made my suggestions

Maybe it might be worth looking at a Starling statement :nerd_face:


Looks pretty similar to my other bank statements - I actually prefer in and out being in the same column, much easier to read, and I’m not sure why you need IBAN codes etc on a bank statement? That’s the only real difference I can see? Monzo statement much cleaner looking IMO



I haven’t seen a smile statement for a while and it was also the first attempt at dressing down statements made by a bank

But to me that looks a little more professional and if I’m right was also a dress down from statements such as Barclays and HSBC


I think there’s a design choice between (broadly speaking) simple and contemporary, and classic and weighty.

To me, I think Monzo had to go with the former - it really doesn’t work with the tone and ethos of the bank not to design statements that reflects the culture of the organisation.

That’s not to say that some of the additional info wouldn’t be useful (IBAN and BIC in particular when they’re offered), but one step at a time, eh? :wink:

(Now, the more interesting question is, with open banking and / or other changes, can we find a way to disrupt the old fashioned paper-based method of proving ID and/or income that statements are usually used for…?)


Can you share a (suitably anonymised) Starling statement at all?

(Marcel Ruhf) #40

Fully agree.
Just imagine a future where lenders (i.e. for a mortgage) simply redirect you to your bank (i.e.Monzo), who then ask you if you want to allow them one-time access to your transactions - and gone are the days of printing a bank statement!