I'm not receiving my 'magic links'

Hi there
I’m trying to activate Monzo on my new phone but not receiving the ‘magic link’. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Was it resolved and if so, how?

Is that definitely the correct email address?

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Have you checked junk and spam folders, some providers have both? Have you added Monzo.com to safe senders list?

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If you be tried the solid advice above, send them an email or give them a call, see if you can change the email address on the account or something, I know they’ve resolved a few cases that way

Did you restore your apps to your new phone, or did you install the Monzo app from the app store for your device?

If the former, unusually the app, restarting your phone, and installing the app fresh from the app store may help, as sometimes things go a bit funny if you’ve restored the app from a previous phone instead of installing it fresh.

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Thanks .Yes done all that and I’m getting other emails from them so…

I am talking to them but so far they’ve only told me to do stuff that I’ve tried anyway. Useless to be honest.

Yes deleted the app and re-installed from the App store. No dice

Thanks. Yes and they send me the usual update emails etc to the same address which I receive.

Are you using an iCloud email by any chance?

No I’m not - Id rather not say what service I’m using but it’s from a top branded uk company

You’ll need to continue with in-app chat if you’re not comfortable giving details on here.

Remember that they go through steps to double check you’ve not missed anything like any good support service should. It’s all to narrow down where the issue lies.

You can’t take a customers word on these things. For example, the amount of times we have people say “I am using the correct email, I guarantee it” but then it turns out they’re not is insane.


Just in case this helps trap soemthing (or clarifies it), please run through the 4th section of this post - especially trying the web access part:

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Thanks. I’m sort of in the business so I understand how support needs to to tick those important boxes. But I’ve been told to do the same stuff several times now - so it’s little frustrating. This shouldn’t be so difficult or drawn out as it’s becoming. After all not having access to one’s bank account is pretty fundamental for a bank’s customer. If the platform is app only - fair enough but it needs to work or if it doesn’t support should be more forthcoming and faster.

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Thanks for your helpful and detailed response.
All the relevant stuff that you have listed has been done. And I know there’s nothing wrong with my email provider as I’m getting ALL other Monzo related emails with no problem at all.

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Monzo emails are sent from different domains to keep the reputation up, so marketing emails won’t come from the same domain as magic link ones. @ monzomail.com vs @ monzoemail.com

Do you know someone using the same email provider as you who is also on monzo? , Try get them to sign into web.monzo.com just to see if their email arrives to rule out your provider.

And as mentioned above some providers have a spam box that’s only available on web which is different to the junk folder which would be synced to your device.

Hi Mark,

Sorry to hear the trouble you are going through. I will try my best to help. First please ensure you have visit their help article by clicking here.

If this does not work try attempting to uninstall and reinstall the Monzo app and then restart your phone. This will usually fix this. If this does not work, make sure the email you are using is 100% the one connected to your Monzo account.

Next, check your inbox fully. This includes your normal inbox, updates and the promotions tab. Also check your junk and/or spam folder. All emails containing your link will come from monzomail.com so make sure to search this in your inbox to ensure it is the correct email. If there are no emails by them you should check all your other email addresses. You’ll eventually find them unless you deleted them right after using them.

If the community cannot help, contacting Monzo should. I understand you contacted Monzo but they’re telling you to do the same thing. There are always alternative methods Monzo themselves can try to securely log you in back into your account but again, you will need to contact them for more information.

If this was a fault of Monzo themselves, surely more of us would be having this problem. But we’re not. If this is the case the last thing I can think of is that it is your email providers fault.

Again, this is just advice and tips. I am not an expert. Remember we are a community, not technical support sadly.



Thanks for your help - I have definitely tried everything you suggest but to no avail.

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Thank you. I don’t know anyone that’s using the same provider that also uses Monzo. I have been into my email settings directly and there are no spam settings at all - I manage those directly. I have also contacted my service provider and I’m, awaiting a response.

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Did you get this sorted, I’m curious what went wrong more than anything.

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