IFTTT Redeem Grocery Applet Disappeared

I was using an applet that meant that any card purchases for groceries automatically withdrew from my groceries pot. I had an email to say my IFTTT account and Monzo were no longer connected. This is resolved and is connected but the applet isn’t there anymore and doesn’t seem to exist in IFTTT anymore. Can anyone help please?

Some applets have gone unfortunately, this might be one

I figured as much, it’s just surprising because it’s so useful! Do you have any idea how easy it would be to make my own?

Depends :grin:

It’s totally possible to do. I think it involves a google sheet. Tbh I haven’t spent any time looking at how to do things with IFTTT, but plenty of people here have done really cool stuff.

Hopefully one of them will reply and can explain how to create this yourself. There were topics but they seem to have been closed since they are old

Don’t you just set it up through:


IF → Monzo → “Any card purchase at a merchant” → choose merchant from Monzo feed e.g. “Tesco”

THEN → Monzo → “Move money out of a pot” → choose Monzo pot e.g. “Groceries” and add
{{AmountInAccountCurrency}} " in the amount section.

Create Action

Obviously, don’t add any inverted commas/question marks ( " ).

That’s for a specific merchant. I got the impression the OP wanted it based on category

I see! I never saw Monzo have this natively, it looks like a custom one. Maybe the person who set this up is no longer paying for Pro so it archived the original applet.

Looking at the IFTT community applets, there are a few such as redeem transport, entertainment or eating out from a pot but no groceries.

I reverse engineered the ‘Redeem Transport spending from a pot’ by the IFTTT community. I think this is the correct steps but I may need someone to confirm as it will be a number of days before I trigger it myself.


IF → Monzo → “Any card purchase”

THEN → Monzo → “Move money out of a pot” → choose Monzo pot e.g. “Groceries” and add
{{AmountInAccountCurrency}} " in the amount section.

+ then Add filter (between IF and THEN) and add the code:

if ( Monzo.cardPurchase.Category == "Groceries" ) {
} else {
  Monzo.potWithdraw.skip("Not a Groceries Purchase")

Create Action

Hopefully this is helpful!


This looks right to me :slight_smile:

Because of the whole IFTTT pro thing you, you either need to pay for Pro, or set this up through Platform, though I’m not 100% sure if the platform workaround still works.

Unless Monzo (or someone else) publish the applet I think.

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