Swear jar pot

It would be nice if we could setup an “impulse saver” or swear jar pot. It would allow people to transfer pre-configured amounts from their main account to a specified pot with a couple of taps, without the need to log in, encouraging them to save regularly.

I’m trying to kick a habit and want to quickly and easily deduct a small amount from my account every time I do that thing. Currently you have to login to the app, go to the pot, click add, tap the number and enter 0.50 which makes it more effort than it’s worth.


I feel an Alexa plugin coming on…


Give Monzo access to your mic and whenever it hears you swearing (voice recognition) it puts 50p in a pot!

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They could make a fortune in overdraft fees if you lets you dip into that, thats if the amount of swearing in this office is anything to go by!

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YYeah you wouldn’t want it to go overdrawn (or would you?)

Maybe it can save up the “swear debt” and when you are back in good credit hit you with it! Boom thought you could get away swearing, nope here is your bill. (Too cruel?)

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Like, with IFTTT?

I’d be bust in a day :joy:

I was thinking about this yesterday. I thought it would be cool to implement it with something like this:

Press the button everytime you swear, moves £1 into a sweat pot.

Now that IFTTT has been announced, I think it would be lots easier with that.

Well that was easy.

Set it up based on a button press. Add the button to your homescreen


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