Alternative Round-Up options with IFTTT (multiple times, round to nearest £10, % rounding)

So after seeing @stripyshirtguy’s thread about the strange logic of Round Ups in Plus (i.e. only mutliplies the round up amount). I wanted to see what could be done with IFTTT to make a variety of Round Ups.

I realised that I can seemingly share (albeing privately) custom IFTTT Platform applets that anyone can use.

With a bit of playing with code, I’ve come up with the following;

Rounding Multiplier - 2x / 3x etc the round up amount

Rounds to the nearest whole pound, then multiplies it by the multiplier. E.g. £2.80 spent, = 20p x 3 = 60p moved.

5x Multiplier
4x Multiplier
3x Multiplier
2x Multiplier

Percentage Rounding - move 1% / 2% etc of a transactions value

Move 10% of a transaction to a pot
Move 5%
Move 2%
Move 1%

Round to the nearest £10

This one is for anyone who really likes a Zero at the end of their balance… Will round any card transaction to the next whole £10.

I think this could also be adapted to do nearest £2 / £5 etc.

Is this useful to anyone? Any tweaks you’d want?

Just to note this is taken a few bits of Filter code I’ve found around the Forum - including bits found in here and here, with some heavy borrowing of what @stugreenham put together.


Just after another thread that had the suggestion - I made a rounder upper that does 2/3/4/5x the change amount, and then keeps the total amount Round.

That’s seemingly more what people wanted with Advanced round ups -

2x Round Up to the nearest £1

3x Round Up to the nearest £1

4x Round Up to the nearest £1

5x Round Up to the nearest £1

So, for example. If you have the 4x - you spend £1.90.
Your round up would be £0.10 * 4 = £0.40. To keep the transaction feed ‘round’ that rounds to £1.10 so your total amount = £3.

I’m also all ears if anyone has a better way of describing this? Spare Change Multiplier Round Up?


There should be a tick box for this style of roundup as part of the “Enhanced Roundsups” on Plus!


This is brilliant, if a week late :wink:

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I know!! After spending the week playing with Google Sheets export and IFTTT I realised it could do so much more.

including things that Monzo charge for…

What “ingredient” are you adding into the Amount field?
Was playing with it for a bit earlier, but couldn’t find how to “round up to nearest pound” or “move the amount that the transaction is for”, for example

For the most part they use {{amountInAccountCurrency}}, but for these specific examples they use Filter Code which overwrite the ingredient values.

In the case of these there’s a few arithmetic operations which the output is passed to the action - so it technically bypasses that stage completely.

Does this work for all card transactions? One frustration I have with the in-built roundups is that it only works on retail payments (card or Apple Pay) but doesn’t work with online payments.

Built in round ups work with all card payments, in person and online

Oops! Was in my overdraft so roundups weren’t working because of that!


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This is beautiful @BritishLibrary , thanks for sharing!

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I created my own little convoluted round up tool in Google Sheets which links into an IFTTT applet I made but it only seems to update every few hours which means it doesn’t really round up. How did you get around that @BritishLibrary ?

That’s one of the limitations of doing stuff via Google Sheets - it just takes time to update.

For this one, as it’s using the IFTTT trigger “Card Purchase” - it will fire as soon as you spend - so shouldn’t be a concern.

If you did want to capture it with your Google Sheets though, the best way I can think would be, instead of trying to trigger on each transaction, try and do a “sum of all transactions since the last IFTTT fired” - (or more accurately, since something was last moved into a specific pot.

That way you can build a buffer of sorts in case IFTTT doesn’t trigger automatically.

Is anybody able to make ‘round to the nearest £5’ by any chance. This is something I would be really interested in. Might stop me making silly small purchases and help boost the savings when making larger purchases. I’m new to IFTTT so let me know if I’m asking too much!

It’s something you need either Premium (and Filter code for), or the “Platform” part of IFTTT.

I made a draft (unpublished) applet that does exactly this - rounds to the nearest £5 - which you can activate here:

Since IFTTT moved to the Pro model, I am not sure if these links work - but previous apps created with this haven’t broken so I’m hopeful.

[Note, I haven’t tested it, and it will only work on card transactions]

If you do have Premium and want the filter code, that is here


Thank you so much for such a quick response. This works brilliantly and I can access it perfectly fine. Thank you again!!

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