I need the money off my Monzo card ASAP! Help!

(Jake Morgan) #1


So I placed my savings onto my Monzo card to use abroad. Now that I’m here I can see that the account has limitations of what I can take out and I need to get it out in order to purchase a vehicle and can’t. How can I get the money back into my account? With the limitations as they stand I wont be able to the money out for over three months.



RTFM before clicking "next"!

Contact Monzo Customer Operations thru your app or by email

(Jake Morgan) #3

Have done both but they arnt very quick on the reply. Could really do with speaking to a person.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #4

For emergencies there’s the number on the reverse side of your Monzo card. :slight_smile:

(Hugh) #5

They will respond very quickly. Else call: +44 20 3322 4650

(Jake Morgan) #6

Currently going through the process with customer services to have money transferred back to my account.

Email was the way to go as currently in New Zealand and couldn’t get through to the number.

Seriously helpful agent has made something that could have been really hard very easy. Much props to Chris at Monzo. Feel a boob but thankfully it is sorted now.