Monzo plus (emergency cash)

I have just been accepted for monzo plus and my card is on it’s way, but I have selected to have travel money as a add on. It says if you lose your card you can get up to £1000 transferred to you but I cant see this option on the app. Does anyone know how you would get the emergency cash please

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This is a good question. I’d be interested to know. I hope it’s automated so there’s no delay?

I would expect the option to only appear once you have frozen and cancelled your card

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My guess is your need to speak to cops. As it’s still in its infancy


If this is the case maybe they can (if not already) add something that automatically places queries regarding emergency cash into the urgent queue.

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Ok and thank you for your replies. I haven’t lost my card or anything but I just tried looking for the option incase I did while I was away and couldn’t find it. As I’m paying for it I wanted to know if it was easy to access if I did ever lose my card but by the looks of it it’s not unless like what’s been said it will appear if I froze my card but that’s not a guarantee it will. Suppose I will have to speak to someone from monzo and see what they say

Judging by the T&Cs I’d say it’s going to be a manual cops job at the moment possibly via a 3rd party provider - possibly MasterCard Services