Cash Withdrawal UK


I head on holidays tomorrow. My friend and I both got Monzo cards, he just tried to withdraw cash from a bank machine at tesco express, the transaction failed yet his balance reads that the transaction was successful. I have read that people are having problems while abroad as well.

I am heading to Spain, I need to be able to use the card to withdraw cash in Spain, alternatively I would like the money refunded to my account immediately (or a guarantee that the card will work at a bank machine tomorrow in the UK so I can clear the account out).

This is urgent, I have messaged the chat option in my app but have no reply yet.

If you have already contacted the in app chat support, that will be the best and quickest way to get this issue resolved. This doesn’t seem like something the community can help with im afraid.


Hi Chris! We haven’t had any large scale reports that ATM machines are declining so it seems your friend’s issue was a one off - there should be no problem at all withdrawing cash. Refunds the account you topped up from will take 7-10 days to process.