RTFM before clicking "next"!

There have been several cases of people not correctly reading Monzo documentation recently:

It makes me wonder - how many people click through terms and conditions and the like...without ever reading them? I try to read most of them, sometimes I don't and sometimes they are unintelligible. I remember a study a few years ago looking at the reading length of some of the big tech firms terms and conditions - they didn't fare well!

I just don’t get how you can blithely sign up to a bank…not reading any of the on-boarding process!


I’m not sure what you are trying to convey, Hugh. People don’t read T&C, that’s nothing new. I’m not sure what we’re about to discuss here. Complaining that people don’t read T&C won’t get us too far, as those people will not read this thread.

Since Hugh already stated the obvious :slight_smile: and it’s not even something we can disagree with, I’d like to direct this thread to more productive discovery, like how can Monzo make those comms better, easier. I know that comms are already straightforward, but maybe there’s a bit more that Monzo can do? Simply saying to ‘read it’, won’t automagically make it happen. What would force you as a user to read text with understanding? Can you recall any tricks done by other companies?


Yes good point, I had intended for the thread to take this discussion but I obviously didn’t write exactly what I thought!

Some companies require you to wait a certain amount of time, or scroll through entire lists - neither work and just annoy the customer. I’m not sure there is an easy solution for this other than making the items very very clear and adding pretty things for eye candy… I think Monzo does this already hence I am so surprised by the above!

I’m not sure your quote or me is giving the full picture. As I stated afterwards I took a screen shot of all the slides I was presented with to do a write up. Not one of them mentioned removed functionality from the prepaid service.

So unless it was buried in the t&c’s I stand by the comment. That does not mean I disagree with the follow on comment that another user did see this information. I am stating that I and likely others didn’t.

More than happy to RTFM but the TFM need the info :wink: lucky for me I’m active in this forum and knew what would be missing :+1:t2:


For completeness this was the page mentioning features I received. None with a mention of a lack of any. 864610FF-913C-4EE9-88CA-AA8D80A10FAA

You’re wasting your time mate, how many times do we say this about the search facility on here yet nothing changes?

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If only the image for search wasn’t a frying pan. I think it would make it more obvious.


I think that at the very start of the procedure there may have been an option to upgrade to current account, or to find out more about current account. Clicking the find out more told you about the functionality you would lose, so it wasn’t directly in the pages you click through IYSWIM.

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Yeah, because I look for a frying pan when I want to search for something.

Sherlock Holmes, his pipe, deerstalker and frying pan at the ready.




This has always been the issue with iconography and particularly with material design which is significantly abstracted from reality.


Except it’s not abstract; it looks just like a magnifying glass.

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That’s the point. Generally when you want to magnify something, ie some text or some image, you are searching for a particular feature, hence it is used to represent search.

I was intending to imply that icons mean different things to different people and hence can be more subjective than text.

People could just use search to see that we officially named it frying pan some time to go.




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C’mon people.


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Yeah c’mon people :eyes: :dancing_men:

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This text will be blurred

Hey all,

Couple of points here!

  1. We definitely want to make it clearer — as with everything we build, we’ll be iterating and improving on it based on feedback. Not having top up by debit card is something people do miss and although we explain that you’ll lose it in some pages, it’s not clear enough. Things we’re doing now to fix it:
  • Soon, everyone who’s eligible to upgrade will receive an email. It’ll be very clear in there.
  • We’re also looking at the in-app flow to make that clearer
  1. We’re working flat out to get top ups ready to go in! We’ll keep you updated but aim is definitely pre-Christmas, hopefully much sooner

Thanks for all the feedback! :slight_smile: This is why we release things early — to get great feedback from you all and then make it better :boom:


nobody reads T&Cs - there was a company that put ‘you agree to give up your first born’ in theirs and loads of people agreed