Monzo account closure

Hi guys,

I hope you are all well.

My monzo account was closed on the 15th of june just 3 days ago with no prior warning.

I have used monzo as my main bank account for over a year and have had no problems up until now.

I had my main pot and two additional pots.

One was for my rent and the other was a savings pot.

Monzo are only offering me £4.03 back which was the amount left in my main account.

Monzo is missing over £1000 of my money which was in my other two pots.

I have contacted the Monzo phone line team, they said they couldn’t help.

I have sent two emails over the past two days (proving my identity and explaining my emergency situation) and have had no reply.

My bills are due at the end of the month so you can see how this is extremely stressful for me.

In both of my emails I have offered to send through my previous bank statement and proof of income from my employment proving that I had this money inside my account and it is legitimate.

So far I have had no contact or help whatsoever and I am hoping someone here can advice and sort out this situation.

Kind Regards

Sorry to hear this.

We’re all just customers like you so sadly nobody on here can help with this. All you can do is continue calling or emailing.

Perhaps you can try going to the savings provider directly whoever that was too?

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Thanks for the quick reply my friend.

I will try and contact the savings provider.

Thanks for the help.

Specific account queries can’t be managed on a public forum. Communication directly with Monzo is the only option for this sort of conversation.