Wait times

I’ve been waiting for a reply for 3 days about money that I’ve put in but gone over my limit but still received no help over the weekend and I put it in FRIDAY

The community can’t help unfortunately

What limit have you gone over?

The daily limit over 180 day’s I put £90 pound in and my limit was £62 but I didn’t realise now they won’t clear anything

I’m sure they will resolve this for you. Just keep pestering in app or give them a call, the number is on the back of your card :slight_smile:

Hi all is anyone having problems with getting any reply from a chat or email??? My card has been frozen by Monzo even though I made contact straight away saying what they thought was a suspicious transaction wasn’t they still haven’t defrosted my card??? No one replied to my numerous chats I have sent or email :rage: very bad customer service

Hi there @Katsea - I’ve had a look and I can see you’ve been in touch with chat recently. Please do let me know if this isn’t resolved yet and I’ll take another look.

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Have you tried calling them? :telephone_receiver:

I’ve messaged soooo many times and their always busy