I need help!

Two days ago i make an update on the app but i couldn’t remember my old phone number and i tried multiple times and yesterday i remember the phone number and i try to log in, it works but the app force me to do another account. Why? And after i did the new account because i though my acc will work after that and i get this. I’ll let you some pictures with the problem because tomorrow i need to get some money from work so… i need help fast if it’s posible. ( sorry for bad english or words) Thank you!

Understand the frustration, but no need for such language. Please edit the post or it’ll likely be flagged.

If you are being asked for your phone number, this is part of the (new) sign-up flow, not the login flow.
So you are attempting to login to your existing account with a new email.
You need to login to your account with the same email address that you used when you originally signed up with Monzo.

See here for further details;

If you haven’t previously signed up and had access to the app and/or a Monzo account - the image you posted screams ‘Issue’

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email help@monzo.com or call the number on the back of your card if you are sure you’re using the right email