Account sign up broken?

Hi, I logged into the app today and it asked me to create an account. So I did, but when I got to the SMS verification, I’d get the code texted to me and put it in but it says there’s a problem with my phone number…

It says ‘something went wrong - sorry we couldn’t verify your phone number’

I can’t ask for help in the app as I can’t get in (and can’t now use my card or add money)

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Heya :wave:

Sadly there’s not a great deal that we can do here on the forums :see_no_evil:

But if you email then you’ll be able to get through to customer support who will be able to assist :sunglasses:

Hope you get an everything resolved!

Are you sure you got the phone number right? Might’ve just missed a digit, if you can resubmit your number I’d give that a go in the meantime :ok_hand:

Doesn’t this imply you already have an account?

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Reinstall the app. Make sure you’re selecting the login option rather than the create new account option as it sounds like you already have an account.

Also make sure you’re using the same email you signed up to Monzo with.

If that doesn’t work, send an email to

I feel like that error message happens when people try to login through the sign up flow with a secondary email, but try to use their existing number to verify.


It does indeed.

I would imagine that’s exactly what’s happening here.


Double check you’re definitely using the correct email address when logging in.


Great advice thanks, I think I was using a different email will try again. Thanks for the email address too.


Trying with the email address my account is linked to worked, which is great.

As some constructive feedback, the text asking for an email address said to choose an address ‘you would like to log in with’… perhaps it would be helpful if it said ‘the address you’re account is linked with’. It sounds obvious to me now but it wasn’t in the moment