Can’t log into my account urgent!

My app has been updated, and automatically I have been logged out, I don’t remember my user name. I try to use my phone number, but it says something goes wrong, urgently need some helps form Monzo.

If you are getting the phone number prompt then you are using the wrong email

I use right phone number, but it is always tell me something went wrong. Could I get some help from the customer services department via phone call.

And the thing is I don’t remember which email address I used. What should I do next.

Yeah because if it’s asking you for a phone number you have entered the wrong email and it’s trying to sign you up to a new account or the phone number on the back of your card

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Your username is your email address. You have to put in the one you registered with or it’ll try creating a new account then you’ll get an error.

Search your emails for previous ones from Monzo if you’re not sure which address you registered with.

If I don’t wanna sign up new. I still wanna my old one, look like I can’t quite.everytime I opened up app it same page. What should I do for my old account.

Uninstall Monzo app
Reinstall Momzo app from App/Play Store
Open Monzo app
Login using the same email address you used to set the account up

Check your login details by logging into

Search your email account for the ‘Welcome to Monzo’ email.