Help please - New phone

I have just got a new iPhone (my old one got stolen) and therefore I do not have access to the monzo app… to make things worse I’ve also lost the old email associated with my account because it was an old work email and i’ve joined a new company. I’ve created a new account and tried re-downloading the app and registering with my phone number (i’ve got the same number) but it just keeps saying ‘error’

Please can someone help me? I’ve still got my monzo card and its working fine but I can’t log-in to the app?

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Hi, @abbyob

I don’t think you’ll be able to create a new account,

Email and they can switch the email on the old account, there’s probably going to be a bit of security before this is done, so probably best off having your i.d. ready.

Or call the the phone number on the card,

Hope it helps

You definitely can’t create a new account yourself using the same number.

You need to email or call Monzo and go through additional verification steps if what you’ve said is true. They’ll be able to sort all this out for you, but sadly nobody on here can help :frowning_face: