I can't sign up - email error

I’m struggling to sign up for the Monzo app on my android phone. It keeps sending an activation email to my email account which once I click on says ‘Sorry we couldn’t log you in. Please use the most recent email that you received to …’ Please could someone help me as I’m really close to deleting the app?


You could try reinstalling the app.

Other than that your best place to get help is by emailing help@monzo.com

This was solved when you delete all previous emails from Monzo magic links as the email server takes you to the first (?) email I think - Ill try and find the link to the thread

try this - might work ?

I would try restarting the process and delete all current emails from Monzo before you do

Including uninstalling the app

This worked for me: try forwarding the email to gmail and opening from there

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